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CaixaBank is the leading retail bank in Spain, with the largest customer base, a robust balance sheet and a culture drawing on deeply engrained values. Its business model is based on specialisation, with a value proposition tailored to each segment; a comprehensive offering of products and services; the largest branch network in the country; a multi-channel approach and reach; and a team of highly-trained specialists. CaixaBank’s priorities include: achieving exacting quality of service standards; a firm commitment to mobility and digitalisation; and a determination to be set apart by its proximity, robust financial position, capacity for innovation and social responsibility. 

 Letter from the Chairman 

 Letter from the CEO 


The leading retail bank in Spain

Source: 2016 Integrated Corporate Report


Shareholder structure

With a 40%1 interest in CaixaBank’s capital, CriteriaCaixa, a holding company solely owned by the ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation, is the bank’s core shareholder. CaixaBank’s free float capital is held by over 682,000 shareholders, with more than half in the hands of institutional investors.

1.As of February 6th 2017, following the sale by CriteriaCaixa of a packet of shares representing c.5.3% of CaixaBank’s capital which reduced the stake of CriteriaCaixa in CaixaBank from ~45% to  40%


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Group structure



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