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Eduardo Javier Sanchiz


Eduardo Javier Sanchiz Irazu was born in Vitoria in 1956. He has been a member of the CaixaBank Board of Directors since 2017.

He holds a degree in economics from the University of Deusto, San Sebastián campus, and a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the Instituto Empresa in Madrid.

He was CEO of Almirall from July 2011 until 30 September 2017. During this period, the company underwent a significant strategic transformation with the aim of becoming a global leader in skin treatment.

Previously, after joining Almirall in May 2004, he was Executive Director of Corporate Development and Finance and Chief Financial Officer. In both positions, Eduardo led the company's international expansion through a number of alliances with other companies, and through licensing of external products, in addition to five acquisitions of companies and product portfolios. He also coordinated the IPO process in 2007.

He has been a member of the Almirall Board of Directors since January 2005 and a member of the Dermatology Committee since its creation in 2015.

Prior to joining Almirall, he worked for 22 years (17 outside Spain) at Eli Lilly & Co, an American pharmaceutical company, in finance, marketing, sales and general management positions. He was able to live in six different countries and some of his significant positions include General Manager in Belgium, General Manager in Mexico and, in his last position in the company, Executive Officer for the business area that encompasses countries in the centre, north, east and south of Europe.

He was a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Mexico and of the Association of Pharmaceutical Industries in a number of countries in Europe and Latin America.

He is a member of the Pierre Fabre Laboratory Strategic Committee and since May 2019 a member of the Board of Directors of this company.

Last update: December 2019.