Associations, commitments and partnerships

We as participating members of a wide range of associations, working groups and forums we contribute to foster progress in various fields, such as banking and finance, sustainability, research and security, or innovation and digitization, amongst others.

Our efforts not only seek to improve financial well-being and sustainable economic growth, but also to strengthen society.

Annual contributions

Amounts expressed in thousands of Euros

2020 2019 2018 2017
2,723 2,768 2,773 2,883

2020 largest industry contributions: CECA (€ 1,169,971), IIF (€ 126,306) and ESBG-WSBI (€ 112,101)

Major initiatives

to which 2.7 million euros were devoted in 2020:

Sustainability commitments

We participate in numerous initiatives that cover all ESG areas (Environmental, Social, Governance), to jointly advance on sustainability issues and in the exchange of good practices.