Above all, people. At CaixaBank, accessibility is our priority. We are committed to offer the greatest number of channels to access our services, so that they can be used by as many people as possible under optimal conditions.

We strive to address the main challenges of our surroundings, removing physical and sensory barriers when developing our relationships with people and their access to our facilities.

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% of branches in Spain are accessible


% of ATMs in Spain are 100% accessible


% of ATMs have help videos in sign language

2020 data

We use large, clear and personalised displays for non-experts and the elderly.

We participate in the ASPSIS4all programme, whose objective is to develop the technology necessary so that all people, regardless of their needs and preferences, can operate independently in self-service terminals, such as ATMs.

We apply accessibility criteria in all our apps to facilitate their use among people who are blind or partially sighted, adapting processes through voice guidance or designing screens with high contrast and accessible fonts.

Additionally, we have initiated biometric identification access in apps and facial recognition at ATMs.

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