We have a strategic information security plan that seeks to keep the bank at the forefront of information protection, according to the best market standards.

At CaixaBank, we have the most innovative technology to prevent and detect cyberattacks, ensuring at all times the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information of our company, customers and employees. We work under the strictest safety standards, a requirement that has been acknowledged with a rating above the average of our competitors. In 2023, it came first in the ISMS ranking and achieved the maximum score for Information Security/Cybersecurity & System Availability in the DJSI report.

We have a cybersecurity model certified under the international standard ISO 27001 and certifications CSIRT and FIRST , which guarantee our success in the sector.

  • 24/7 specialist team

  • International certifications such as official CERT


  • +€60 MM
    invested in information security

  • 99 % professionals
    who took the security course

Security, our priority

Our team is committed to information security, complying with both the legal and regulatory requirements in force, and with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, the most advanced security framework.

Certificaciones ISO,, First, Authorized to use Cert de CaixaBank

To promote progress in information security, at CaixaBank we have also participated in the following projects in 2023:

: artificial Intelligence app to improve anomaly detection and infrastructure protection.

: improve response and coordination between critical infrastructure operators to large-scale attacks or incidents.

: improve the efficiency of Fraud Detection systems with AI tools.
EMERALD: transform the concept of continuous assessment and certification of cloud-based services into a complete scheme for Certification as a Service (CaaS).
TRAPEZE: evaluate, through a wallet, the client's digital identity for authentication and management of the privacy of their data.
CONCORDIA: pan-European cybersecurity center x-sector.
INFINITECH: controls based on data analytics for the evaluation of security and fraud risk in the financial environment.
REWIRE: certification of capabilities for professionals dedicated to cybersecurity in the European financial field.

Besides, we are co-founders of , one of the main international cybersecurity task forces, and in Europe we represent the global awareness campaign .

Accompanying our customers and employees by offering content in matters relating to cybersecurity is key for us, thus, through the Security space we offer tips on how to use our products and services securely and reliably.