2023 Ordinary Annual General Meeting

Save the Children Impulsa programme – Supporting more than 5,000 children and their families

Your participation is important

Vote or delegate your vote through the channels provided and contribute to Save the Children's Impulsa programme, to support 5,000 children in Spain, in education, social and labour market inclusion and mental health.

CaixaBank will donate €3 to Save the Children's Impulsa programme for each shareholder who participates, either by voting or delegating their vote, at the 2023 Annual General Meeting.

Curbing the transmission of poverty

Social and labour market inclusion
Enabling decent employment opportunities

Mental health
Ensuring the right to emotional well-being


CaixaBank will make the donation for each shareholder who participates, regardless of the number of shares held. CaixaBank's minimum contribution to Save the Children will be €30,000, and the maximum contribution will be €100,000.

Following the 2022 Annual General Meeting, CaixaBank donated more than €60,000 to UNICEF's education project in Mali for access to inclusive, quality education for children. More information refer to the 2022 participation section.