Business model

At CaixaBank we have developed a universal banking model, offering products and services suited to people’s needs, via physical branches with personalised and accessible service, using digital platforms that are omnipresent and innovative.


Segmentation of the business model

In order to adapt to the varying profiles and needs of our customers, we structure our offering around six business segments, tailoring our value proposition for each, thanks to a dedicated teams of professionals specialising in creating the best financial and non-financial solutions. We also have a segmented branch network.

Segmentation, key to better meeting our customers' needs

CaixaBank is
the only Spanish bank with six Aenor-certified business divisions
CIB (1) &
Businesses (2) and
Business activity
(turnover range, millions of euros)
(assets under management, millions of euros)

(1) Corporate & Institutional Banking.
(2) Includes the self-employed, professionals, farmers and shops.

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Business areas

These are business segments through which we offer people the best financial and security solutions

Individual banking, companies and micro-enterprises

The Retail Banking's proposal is based on providing the best customer experience through an omni-channel, innovative and differentiated offering intended for individual customers, businesses and entrepreneurs.

The BusinessBank's proposal is intended for companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers and businesses. It offers all the necessary day-to-day solutions related to security, protection, internationalisation and financing, with the support of specialised advisers.

Premier Banking

Premier Banking is based on three key pillars: an exclusive model of advice, the best qualified professionals and the most personalised solutions for customers. Thanks to this, we have maintained our leadership in financial advice.

Private Banking

Private Banking has specialised technology teams and more than 600 certified professionals with an average of over 15 years of experience working alongside the branch network and offering the best service.

Private Banking has 53 exclusive centres, where people always receive personal service. Therein, we offer traditional financial advice, independent advice, and broker services. In addition, our Social Value Project enables us to provide solutions in the fields of Philanthropy and Socially Responsible Investment (SRI).

Business Banking

CaixaBank Empresas has enabled us to become consolidated as the benchmark bank for Spanish companies. In this area, we offer innovative solutions and specialised service, through 125 business centres spread throughout Spain, where we provide expert advice via videoconference or by activating new communication channels between customers and financial advisers, such as the Muro de Empresas and Go&Business.

CaixaBank Empresas presents a model of exclusive customer service in which a team of experts attends the needs of each company. Our goal is to increase customer relations and expand our base of company clients in order to continue boosting loans while providing the best service.

CIB & International Banking

The CIB & International Banking's proposal integrates three business areas: Corporate Banking, Institutional Banking and International Banking. It also includes other product areas that provide services to customers, such as Capital Markets, Cash Management, Project Finance, Asset Finance, and M&A.

Corporate Banking offers a tailor-made service to corporate clients, aiming to become their primary bank. To do so, we craft personalised value propositions and work with customers in export markets.

Institutional banking offers financial services and solutions to public and private sector institutions.

And International Banking offers support to customers of the branch network, CIB and Business Banking that operate abroad, as well as local large corporate, through its 27 international service points with global outreach and 175 professionals.


BPI is a financial institution focused on commercial and retail banking operations in Portugal, where it is the fifth largest bank in terms of assets, with market shares of 10% in loans and deposits.

BPI's business is divided into these areas:  Personal Banking, Business, Premier and Private Banking, Corporate and Institutional Banking and Corporate and Investment Banking. BPI offers financial products and services, adapted to the specific needs of each sector, through a specialised, omni-channel and fully integrated distribution network. 

BPI's product range is complemented with investment and savings solutions from CaixaBank's Asset and Insurance Management department, and the distribution of non-life and life risk insurance policies through Allianz Portugal, of which BPI holds 35% ownership. 

In 2020 BPI marketed life-risk insurance of the CaixaBank Group, after the end of the distribution agreement of these insurance policies with Allianz Portugal. 

Five strategic priorities guide the activity of BPI:  

  • Sustainable growth in profitability
  • Boosting the customer experience transformation
  • Developing the area of human resources of the bank
  • Improving operational and organisational efficiency
  • Consolidating the bank's reputation based on the quality of the service offered to the customer and to society

Source: Consolidated Management Report of the CaixaBank Group for 2020