• We are a leading financial group in the field of innovation
    and a benchmark in socially responsible banking

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Key figures of the CaixaBank Group

With a different way of understanding banking, we offer a full range of products, innovative tools and advice to improve people's lives and contribute to the well-being of society.


million customers







*Does not include branches outside Spain and Portugal or representative offices.

Mision, vision, values

We have a differential business model, with a firm commitment to the well-being of our shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and to that of society as a whole. Our leading shareholder, the
“la Caixa” Banking Foundation, inspires the bank's strategic stance as well as our values and corporate culture.

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Strategic Plan 2019-2021: “People first”

At the CaixaBank Group, we have deployed our Strategic Plan 2019- 2021 “People first” to continue to be the leading group in retail banking in Spain, and to continue growing in Portugal, in addition to being benchmarks in socially responsible banking, anticipating challenges in our environment and generating solutions for people.

  • Mejorar la experiencia del cliente logo

    Improve customer experience

  • Acelerar la transformación digital logo

    Accelerate digital transformation

  • Cultura colaborativa logo

    Promote a collaborative and agile culture

  • Rentabilidad accionistas logo

    Generate attractive returns for shareholders

  • Gestión responsable logo

    Be a leader in responsible management

Strategic Plan 2019-2021

logo Caixabank

Our brand

Our brand is our main asset and it allows us to differentiate ourselves, as it conveys our identity and our core essence: a very specific way of understanding banking and of showing our commitment to the world in which we live. It conveys a century-old legacy, which connects our history with our future; emotion with reason.

Leading the digitisation of banking

We assume innovation as a challenge and a differential feature of our culture. Our objective is to make the most of the opportunities that the digital revolution offers banking in order to offer a better service and improve our management capacity in all spheres of the organisation.

Our sponsorships

With a global and local perspective, we sponsor activities that promote commitment, collaboration and perseverance, a reflection of our own values.

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