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Professional Development

Professional Development

CaixaBank staff is the cornerstone of its business and its main asset. Having motivated, prepared and engaged workers is crucial to provide good customer service, achieve success in business strategy and contribute to the region's socio-economic development.

CaixaBank works with the aim of attracting the best people and promoting human development and labor in the context of a good working environment. 

  • Equitable selection process

As CaixaBank wants to employ the very best professionals, its selection policy is based on respect for diversity and non-discrimination on the grounds of origin, sex or condition.

  • Career plans and merit recognition policies

Skills management for each professional profile underlies the professional development of employees. This policy involves the identification, training and development of the skills needed in each workplace, such that all the members of the team can realize their potential.

Based on the evolution of the business model and of the professional profiles behind that model, the skills and responsibilities of the people working in the different positions also change over time. At present, as a result of customer-segmentation efforts, this is taking the form of a greater degree of specialization.

Because of this:

  • Employees have a variable compensation system that links individual and team challenges. So not only fosters
    teamwork culture but also results in a better recognition of the contribution of each employee.
  • The wage policy of CaixaBank is applied regularly and thoroughly to all employees and is based on a criterion of non-discrimination and meritocracy.
  • Ongoing training

The permanent updating of professional knowledge favors the development of the capacities of employees and their professional careers, as well as ensuring better customer service.

CaixaBank has various training mechanisms:

  • The internal training is structured at the CaixaBank-Campus, via five schools, and it is based on self-training. It is necessary to add the regulatory training that is mandatory for all Bank employees to this form of training.

    One of the fundamental channels is Virtaula, a space for learning and shared knowledge with very advanced pedagogical methodologies
  • Internal training, collected in a catalog of institutional, regulatory and optional, of modality, virtual or mixed.
  • External training, for unmet needs in-house training and are related to the workplace, such as courses,
    seminars, conferences, seminars or specialized learning languages required for the employee's duties.

All internal training programs match local needs and the specific requirements of each work-place, but are coordinated overall.

  • Talent and leadership

Drawing from the organization's talent map, which was generated from the skill evaluation system and the identification of the contribution level of each professional, CaixaBank has placed a clear focus on developing executive potential through specific programs. Some of these programs, such as Leading the Future, were carried out at the bank’s Management Development Center.

Others, such as the Progresa program targeting employees currently occupying pre-executive positions, have been carried out on their "home turf", both in regional posts and in central services. These programs have included work sessions with the company's senior management.

  • Internal comunication

At CaixaBank, the internal communication function focuses on promoting and accompanying the challenges of the Strategic Plan and the business priorities; in transmitting the bank's values as a distinguishing element; in recognising and reinforcing good professional practices; in promoting the corporate culture and the pride of belonging, and in enabling the bidirectional dialogue between our team and the management.

With regard to the online internal service channels of CaixaBank, the People page stands out as a tool of transversal, homogenous and consolidated scope with more than 1.7 million visits a month in 2018. Every day 2 to 3 new items are published, leveraged on the leading role of the bank's professionals and the significant milestones for the daily activity, from a strategic and business perspective.

The internal communication function is complemented with other service channels such as:

  • The Canal Caixa magazine.
  • The organisation of internal events, such as the Management Convention or the Best Sales Team awards.
  • The deployment of motivational campaigns such as #EquipoSaludable.
  • With the aim of promoting bidirectional dialogue, there are participatory systems such as the Canal Directivo, a format through which the chief executive officer answers the questions from branch managers ranging from significant milestones to the presentations of quarterly results

Other existing channels include:

Call Center

It can be accessed from the corporate intranet or by phone. The financial and commercial information available there can be consulted, enabling doubts to be settled as quickly as possible.

Corporate Intranet

The main source of corporate information, which is permanently being updated, with weekly circulars that explain new points and highlight particularly relevant questions.

Canal Caixa Internal Magazine

Initiatives, projects and campaigns of the Entity and the activities of Social Projects that are relevant to the staff as a whole, are published.

Branch managers’ channel

Informative section on the intranet for branch managers. It includes Flash Caixa, a monthly newsletter on the most important events.

Employee Portal / Manager

This is an application where, with simple procedures, administrative questions concerning work, such as employees’ timetables, participation in internal notices and announcements or applications for assistance, etc., can be sorted out.

Open participation

Perfecting of processes through the new Conecta and Imagina spaces, which enhance the traditional suggestions box Meetings Teamwork is fundamental to the bank, requires regular meetings among employees from different areas. In that regard, person-to-person transmission of the organizational cultures continues to be one of the driving forces behind CaixaBank’s daily operations.


Teamwork is fundamental to the bank, requires regular meetings among employees from different areas. In that regard, person-to-person transmission of the organizational cultures continues to be one of the driving forces behind CaixaBank’s daily operations.