Institutional investors

Institutional Investor's agenda

Date Event
09-12-2020 Crédit Agricole Sustainable Bond Conference (Virtual)
03-12-2020 Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting
02-12-2020 Goldman Sachs Annual Yankee FIG Conference (Virtual)
23-11-2020 European Financials C-Suite Conference Pan-Asia 2020 (Virtual)
11-11-2020 UBS European conference (Virtual)
30-10-2020 3Q 2020 Results presentation
18-09-2020 Webcast: presentation CaixaBank-Bankia Merger plan
22-09-2020 BoAML Banking & Insurance CEO Conf (Virtual)
31-07-2020 1H 2020 Results presentation
11-06-2020 GS European Financials Conference (Virtual)
22-05-2020 Annual General Meeting
20-05-2020 Deutsche Bank Virtual Iberian Banks Fixed Income Day
13-05-2020 KBW Financials Conference (Virtual)
30-04-2020 1Q 2020 Results Presentation
15-04-2020 Payment of Interim Dividend 2019
03-04-2020 Annual General Meeting (postponed on the 26th of March 2020)
18-03-2020 Morgan Stanley European Financials Conf (Virtual)
05-02-2020 Santander Iberian Conference (Madrid)
31-01-2020 4Q 2019 Results Presentation
14-01-2020 Exane BNP Spain Investors Day (Madrid)

(*) Tentative dates until sent to the Spanish securities market regulator (CNMV) for the corresponding call for presentation of results.