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Institutional investors

Institutional Investor's agenda

19-12-2016 Shareholder Remuneration – Scrip Dividend Program
8-12-2016 Goldman Sachs Yankee FIG Conference (NY)
7-12-2016 Goldman Sachs Yankee FIG Conference (NY)
30-11-2016 Société Générale Premium Review (Paris)
25-11-2016 Citi European Financials Conference (Sidney)
23-11-2016 Citi European Financials Conference (Hong Kong)
22-11-2016 Citi European Financials Conference (Tokio)
22-11-2016 Exane SRI Conference (Paris)
16-11-2016 UBS European Conference (London)
10-11-2016 ING/BNP Financial Institution Forum (Amsterdam)
13-10-2016 UBS Debt Capital Markets (Paris)
30-9-2016 Payment of interim dividend against 2016 results
29-9-2016 BoAML Banking & Insurance CEO Conf (London)
28-9-2016 BoAML Banking & Insurance CEO Conf (London)
22-9-2016 Nomura Capital Investor Day (London)
15-9-2016 Euromoney/ECBC Covered Bond Congress (Düsseldorf)
14-9-2016 Kepler Cheuvreux Autumn Conference (Paris)
13-9-2016 KBW Financials Conference (London)
7-9-2016 BofAML European Credit Conference (London)
29-7-2016  Video Webcast: 1st Semester Results Presentation
21-6-2016 Autonomous - Banks Rendez-Vous (London)
14-6-2016 Global ABS Conf (Barcelona)
8-6-2016 Goldman Sachs European Financials Conf. (Paris)
8-6-2016 BBVA Credit Investor Day (London)
1-6-2016 Payment of final dividend against 2015 profits
19-5-2016 UBS Financial Institutions Conf (Lausanne)
12-5-2016 Lloyds/BNP Financial Forum (London)
28-4-2016 Video WebCast: 1st Quarter Results Presentation
28-4-2016 Shareholders’ Annual General Meeting
18-4-2016 Audio webcast: Voluntary Tender Offer for Banco BPI, S.A.
13-4-2016 Exane BNP Spain Investors Day (Madrid)
5-4-2016 Mirabaud Conference (Dublin)
5-4-2016 KBW Money 20/20 (Copenhaguen)
1-4-2016 Shareholder Remuneration – Scrip Dividend Program
17-3-2016 Morgan Stanley European Financials Conf (London)
9-3-2016 Barclays European Financials Capital Summit (London)
3-3-2016 Credit Suisse European Banks Conference (London)
23-2-2016 DB Bank Capital Forum (London)
3-2-2016 Santander Iberian Day (Madrid)
29-1-2016 Video Webcast: Annual Results Presentation 2015
14-1-2016 Haitong Iberian Conference (London)