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Agenda 2012

Date Event
26-10-2012 Video Webcast: Presentation of 9M12 Results
10-10-2012 Shareholder Remuneration – Scrip Dividend Program
03-10-2012 8th ACF Spanish Banking Conference (Barcelona)
25/27-09-2012 BAML Banking & Insurance CEO Conference (London)
18/19-09-2012 KBW European Financials Conference (London)
27-07-2012 Video Webcast: Presentation of 1st Semester Results
26-06-2012 Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting
14/15-06-2012 Goldman Sachs European Financials Conference (Brussels)
11-06-2012 Autonomous European Banking Conference (London)
22-05-2012 CA Cheuvreux 2012 Pan-Europe Forum (London)
08/09-05-2012 UBS Global Financials Conference (New York)
19-04-2012 Annual General Meeting
19-04-2012 Video Webcast: Presentation of 1st Quarter Results
28-03-2012 Morgan Stanley European Financials Conference (London)
27-03-2012 Video Webcast: Integration agreement with Banca Cívica
27-03-2012 Payment of interim dividend against 2011 results
27-01-2012 VideoWebcast: FY 2011 Results Presentation