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Shareholder Services


Advisory Committee

The Shareholder Advisory Committee is a non-binding consultative committee composed of CaixaBank shareholders wishing to assist with the continuous improvement of relations between the company and its shareholders. This is a ground-breaking IBEX35 initiative to guarantee the utmost transparency.


The mission of the Advisory Committee is for its members to conduct a first-hand appraisal of initiatives and communications targeting the CaixaBank shareholder base. 


For information on the current members of the committee, see Members of the Shareholder Advisory Committee 


Main features of the functioning of the Advisory Committee:

  • Composed of 17 shareholders holding at least 1,000 CaixaBank shares.
  • Meetings are held twice a year.
  • Committee members are invited to take part in events arranged by CaixaBank for its shareholders.
  • The maximum membership period is 3 years.

See the Committee regulations document for detailed information on the functioning of this body:

Download Advisory Committee Regulations (PDF, 169KB) 

How to join

The following procedure must be followed to join the Shareholder Advisory Committee:

The deadline for receipt of applications for the annual renewal of members expires on 30 June each year. After this date, any applications received will form part of the renewal process for the following year. 


See the minutes of previous meetings of the Shareholder Advisory Committee: