CaixaBank Volunteering

'Social action' is one of the pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Plan, which drives our Corporate Volunteering Programme, among other initiatives.

Since 2005, CaixaBank's employees, the “la Caixa” Foundation and companies of the CaixaBank Group, as well as retired staff, friends, relatives and customers, are part of the CaixaBank Volunteering programme , which works for people each and every day. In 2020, the initiative marked 15 years of charity work, with major achievements along the way:

4,600 committed people have been part of the voluntary work, participating in 4,250 charity activities.

Furthermore, twice a year we hold our Social week, where tens of thousands of volunteers, both employees and customers, mobilise themselves across the country to collaborate with social institutions that work with the most deprived and vulnerable groups.

Thanks to all these people, we have had a positive impact on the lives of 133,500 vulnerable people across Spain, with programmes to address financial education, employability, health, and childhood poverty, among many other areas.

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