We strengthen our commitment to diversity and equality

At CaixaBank, we have been working for years to promote equal opportunities and prevent any exclusionary or discriminatory conduct.

Through the publication of this Diversity and Inclusion Report, we present the projects carried out and the progress made in 2021 in our Wengage diversity programme, which enable us to continue working on the new diversity and inclusion challenges that will be part of our new 2022-24 Strategic Plan.

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Diversity is always a positive force

2021: a year in figures


% of employees are women


% of management positions held by women*


% of all people that have moved into management positions for the first time are women


disabled employees


employees from 4 generations


people of 73 different nationalities

*A and B branch deputy management upwards. Prior to merger with Bankia.

Main diversity and inclusion milestones in 2021

Global leaders
in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index.

538 women
in the internal mentoring programme for women, including the promotion of 64 % of participants.

1st financial institution
to achieve excellent in the EFR (Empresa Familiarmente Responsable - Family Responsible Company) rating.

5th year
of the Women in Business Award and 1st year of the Self-Employed Professional Women Award.

723 participants
in the 4th year of the WONNOW Awards for female excellence in STEM careers.

International Award
Winner of the 2020 International Award for Diversity Management en la categoria de gran empresa.

Gender diversity

Our commitment to our staff

At CaixaBank we are working to make the company a leader in gender equality, and therefore in 2021 we promoted numerous initiatives defined by 4 key goals:

To strengthen the role of women in the company

To promote equality through human resource processes

To involve and raise the awareness of everyone

To raise the visibility of diversity

Profound changes are only possible if we start from within.

Our commitment to our customers and to our society

For CaixaBank it is essential to continue to support our customers, remaining true to our commitment to a fairer, more egalitarian society. That is why we have also promoted gender equality externally, particularly in areas where women are still under-represented.

and entrepreneurship

and education


Rural areas

Functional diversity

Our commitment to our teams

We want to continue making progress so that everyone will have the same opportunities and will be able to develop their talent within our organisation, by promoting what unites us and raising awareness about differences. In 2021, we did the following:

Included and integrated people with disabilities

Developed talent and promoted equal opportunities

Raised awareness throughout the organisation

Our commitment to our customers and to our society

At CaixaBank we are committed to the visibility of people with disabilities and their role in society. We believe that equal opportunities begin with the fact that people should have a decent job; that is why we work with other companies on promoting employment and training. We also provide access to our services and support adapted sport so that the values of hard work and achievement are socially recognised.

Generational diversity

Our commitment to our teams

Every generation contributes different lessons, knowledge and intuition. Every generation also has its own specific needs and concerns. We want every person and every generation to contribute and fully develop their talent, feeling that our company respects and values them. That is why we work internally to create mixed teams and promote the value of generational diversity.

Our commitment to our customers and to our society

We participated in working groups with other companies to support senior talent and give it the social visibility it deserves.

  • We published the Libro Blanco del Talento Sénior  with the Adecco Foundation - Seres Foundation. This includes best practices to raise the awareness of companies, public authorities and society about the important role that senior people will play in coming years.
  • We were involved in Team Work EFR Sénior , a group led by the Masfamilia Foundation and composed of several companies with the aim of harnessing the potential of senior talent.

We worked with the Generacciona Generation & Talent Observatory, participating in:

  • An assessment of generational diversity.
  • 2nd Study on Intergenerational Leadership..
  • 2021 study, Intergenerational Health and Well-Being.

Territorial info

Dirección Territorial Norte Baleares Cataluña Territorial Madrid Murcia Comunidad Valenciana Canarias Andalucía oriental Andalucía occidental Territorio Ebro Territorial Castilla y León Dirección Territorial Norte Baleares Cataluña Territorial Madrid Murcia Comunidad Valenciana Canarias Andalucía oriental Andalucía occidental Territorio Ebro Territorial Castilla y León

    • "Good practices for women and leadership" webinar - Bilbao Metropoli-30 (bm30.eus) among the activities carried out by Bilbao Metrópoli 30, a public-private association that promotes initiatives for the advancement and well-being of the general public. The director of the private banking centre of Bilbao participated, who was able to explain the Wengage programme in detail.
    • Meeting with PWN (Professional Women’s Network) in which the data from the equality and leadership survey that CaixaBank had participated in were presented.


    • 8th March: a video with contributions from women who had achieved very good results during 2020 and a virtual meeting that produced good practices for everyday use at work.
    • Participation in the Manresa and Girona eWoman conferences to raise the visibility of the corporate potential of women through their contributions.

    • Staging of the Elle Women Awards to recognise female talent. Rafael Herrador, director of the Central Territory of CaixaBank, awarded the Solidarity Prize to healthcare professionals, women who have put their health at risk and worked tirelessly to care for others.
    • Charity dinner and Diverse Awards ceremony, organised by the Global Diverse Association, with the aim of helping LGTB young people in need and supporting various social inclusion projects for the transexual community. Held at the Círculo de Bellas Artes building and attended by guests from social, cultural, entrepreneurial, commercial and institutional organisations. Presentation of the award by Rosa Vázquez, director of HR of the Greater Madrid Territory.
    • WiMLDS - Women in Machine Learning & Data Science event at the All in One Madrid flagship centre, to inspire, educate and generate a community around artificial intelligence and the world of information, with particular attention on attracting and retaining female talent in this field.

    • Development programme for deputy managers: for a group of 19 people; 16 women and 3 men, to boost the number of women in management positions.
    • Women’s Breakfast in the Murcia region. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, there was a meeting of 13 women from the region of Murcia with responsibilities in various sectors and 10 directors from CaixaBank.
    • Internal communication. To celebrate Equality Week, we published a series of interviews with women from the Murcia Territorial Management team on the intranet.

    • Publication of a report on gender equality in the Las Provincias newspaper.
    • Participation on an Equality Panel of the Alicante Chamber of Commerce to explain the Wengage programme.
    • Female talent breakfast meetings: with women directors from Bankia and women with management potential from business centres, private banking centres and the Risks Department.

    • Women’s Week sporting initiative, in partnership with the woman’s football team Unión Deportiva Granadilla (UDG) Tenerife Egatesa, to break gender stereotypes and highlight the role of women in the world of football.
    • Support for social organisations that promote and facilitate the development and integration of people with Down’s syndrome.
    • Project to train 80 women at risk of social exclusion in digital skills to help them find employment.

    • The WONNOW Awards experience, in schools. Talk-discussion with one winner and two finalists of the awards in front of 60 secondary and higher education female students. Objective: to make technological and scientific careers more accessible by eliminating gender barriers.
    • Meeting of women directors during Mobile Week: three women directors explained their professional development and how to adapt to technological changes. Objective: to raise the visibility of their role and provide an example for other women.

    • ‘Dare’ programme: development and training of female assistant sales managers to guide them in their professional careers and increase the number of women in management positions in the future.
    • Did you know that…?: we promote content on the intranet to share information about the conciliation measures and benefits for all employees.
    • Breakfast with Talent featuring women with management potential in order to boost their professional career. Raising visibility to inspire.

    • Participation in Impulsa Aragón 2021: women’s leadership conferences on strategic sectors of the Aragonese economy.
    • Agreement with CEOE Aragón (Aragon Business Confederation) and the Directivas de Aragón women in management association to promote women’s leadership in key sectors for economic development in sectors where there is a minority of women in management positions. Based on this agreement, the creation of a cycle of conferences featuring leading companies.
    • eWoman ZARAGOZA event, organised by the El Periódico de Aragón newspaper and the media company Prensa Ibérica and promoted by CaixaBank. Aimed at successful women in the work and technological environment to recognise their professional excellence.
    • STEM Women Promotion project in Navarra, with The Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Directors of Navarra (AMEDNA), to encourage STEM (technology and science) vocations among young women in their final year of compulsory secondary education.

    • Creation of internal content to raise the visibility of gender equality initiatives, with contributions from employees.
    • Working breakfasts with the territory manager and the director of Human Resources with groups of employees in different positions and at different stages of their career, in order to listen to and be more accessible to employees, thereby strengthening diversity.
    • Participation of the director of Human Resources in the eWoman event, organised by the La Opinión - El Correo de Zamora newspaper.

Our differences are never as big as our similarities

Diversity and inclusion continue to be a strategic priority for the CaixaBank Group. That is why we are launching a new plan so we can continue to evolve. Because as a company we want to continue to be leaders and a reflection of the society we live in.

We have a lot of work ahead of us, with future challenges and lessons, but we are convinced that we will make it possible thanks to the commitment of all the people in our team and the inspiration that our customers give us. Thank you to everyone who enables us to continue to move forwards.

Diversity is always a positive force.