Press release

The Board of Directors of CaixaBank approves the move of its registered office to Valencia

CaixaBank territorial services

• Decision has been made to protect the interests of the bank’s customers, shareholders and employees by ensuring that the entity remains in the euro-zone and under the supervision of the European Central Bank.

With the objective of fully safeguarding the legal and regulatory security inherent to its activity, the Board of Directors has unanimously decided, in light of the current situation in Catalonia, to move its registered office to 2-4 Pintor Sorolla Street in Valencia.

The decision aims to protect the interests of customers, shareholders and employees, guaranteeing the continuity of the bank’s services at all times by enabling it to continue to operate in the eurozone and under supervision of the European Central Bank (ECB).

Remaining in the eurozone will enable CaixaBank to access the financing conditions required to maintain credit flow to consumer and business clients in Catalonia and the rest of Spain, as well as to preserve the integrity of client deposits.

The transfer of the registered office does not involve movement of employees, since the entity has corporate and operational headquarters in several cities in Spain.

CaixaBank is the leading retail banking entity in Spain and one of the main IBEX 35 companies. The bank has 15.8 million customers in the Iberian market, 5,468 branches, the main commercial network in the Iberian Peninsula and more of 37,000 employees.