Press release

Marta Noguer appointed as CaixaBank's new Head of Investor and Shareholder Relations

Appointment in the Financial division

Marta Noguer, head of Investor and Shareholder Relations, and Edward O'Loghlen, head of Finances of CaixaBank Payments & Consumer.

• She replaces Edward O’Loghlen, who has been proposed as CaixaBank Payments & Consumer's Head of Finances.


CaixaBank's Management Committee has appointed Marta Noguer as new Head of Investor and Shareholder Relations. She previously held the role of Head of Financial Information to Markets and replaces Edward O'Loghlen, who has been proposed as CaixaBank Payments & Consumer's new Head of Finances.

Marta Noguer holds a degree in Business and Economics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, a master's degree in Economics from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and a PhD in Economics from Columbia University in New York. Before joining Investor and Shareholder Relations, she was Head of International Economy in the Studies Service of “la Caixa” (currently, CaixaBank Research), professor at Queen’s University Business School (Kingston, Canada) and professor in the Department of Economics at Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada).

Edward O’Loghlen completed European Business Studies at ICADE, an MBA from IMD (Switzerland) and the General Management Program at Harvard Business School. He joined the CaixaBank Group in 2007, and he has been the person responsible for investor relations since 2011. He previously was Head of Corporate Banking in Catalonia, after holding the position of Head of the International Development Division, where he was responsible for creating and managing the bank's international network. Beforehand, he worked at Banco Santander, ING, Barclays and IFC (World Bank).

Investor and Shareholder Relations

Through Investor and Shareholder Relations, CaixaBank works towards repaying the trust that shareholders and investors have placed in the bank and meeting their needs and expectations wherever possible. To succeed in this task, it seeks to offer tools and channels to facilitate their involvement and communication with the Group and to exercise their rights as owners.

In 2022, 492 meetings were held with national and foreign institutional investors, as well as 16 specific meetings on ESG. In addition, CaixaBank directors explained to shareholders the most relevant corporate results and information in a series of sessions that were attended by 2,464 people.

CaixaBank Payments & Consumer

CaixaBank Payments & Consumer, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CaixaBank, i specialises in consumer financing and payment methods. It is the leading card payment company in the Iberian market, with a total of 32.2 million units marketed and a 30.7% share in purchase invoicing. In Spain, it manages an outstanding credit of more than 9,000 million euros. 

CaixaBank Payments & Consumer comprises more than 18 companies related to consumer spending and payments and is aimed at expediting and expanding CaixaBank's capabilities. These companies are wholly-owned subsidiaries or co-owned with strategic partners.