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The new rules of digital banking. Business Intelligence and remote banking, with Cristina Lázaro

The new rules of digital banking. Smarter systems with AI, with Cristina Lázaro

In the second chapter of CaixaBank’s Masterclass series, the head of CaixaBank Business Intelligence Cristina Lázaro discusses how the digital and physical worlds combine to offer a superb customer experience built on deep business intelligence.

According to the latest McKinsey multichannel survey, more than 50% of the Spanish banking customers say that they still really need a ‘human touch’ for their financial and personal advice.

In 2018, CaixaBank launched the inTouch omni-channel relationship model based on remote assistance with the objective of satisfying these changing customer needs. Its core value proposition is the relationship with the financial manager, maintained over various channels and combined with the use of the different digital tools the entity puts at customers’ disposal. This model, created and developed by CaixaBank Business Intelligence, works using predictive modelling and the use of sophisticated analysis algorithms to identify and select clients that best fit into this advisory model, achieving an average acceptance of 93%.

inTouch’s omnichannel advisory model aims to remain as close as possible to customers when they are looking for new products or services, while at the same time digitalizing these products and services as much as possible. By exploiting big data and applying data science analysis techniques and predictive modelling, it is possible to know the each client's willingness to try new products or services. The result is an exponential increase in sales results.

This interview is the second chapter of the Masterclass series with The Banker “The new rules of digital banking”.