Press release

imagin to restore orange coral in the Mediterranean for every customer that directly deposits their paycheck

New paycheck campaign

Every user's contribution to the cause through directly depositing their paycheck will be documented with an NFT.

• Starting in July, every new direct deposited salary in imagin will help monitor and care for orange coral within the framework of a project to restore this species initiated by imagin and the Hombre y Territorio association.

• imagin will issue an NFT for every user that participates in the campaign with a unique digital illustration inspired by the coral including specific details on their contribution to the survival of this species endemic to the Mediterranean.

• This commercial initiative also includes a payment of €150 for paychecks in excess of €1,000, and €50 for paychecks below that amount.


imagin, the digital services and lifestyle platform promoted by CaixaBank, launches a new paycheck campaign associated with its project to preserve orange coral in the Mediterranean: for every user that directly deposits their paycheck, imagin will help monitor and care for a coral of this species in the marine gardens off the coast of Almuñecar.

The new commercial campaign aims to involve imagin users in the initiative of preserving the Mediterranean's orange coral, which the platform has recently launched together with the Hombre y Territorio (HyT) association to contribute to the survival of this endemic species, currently threatened by pollution and climate change.

Every user's contribution to the cause through directly depositing their paycheck will be documented with an NFT featuring a unique digital illustration of a coral that will contain details and provide traceability of each user's specific contribution. The digital asset will also include the unique identifier that certifies its location in the blockchain, and it will be transferred to each user that brings their paycheck to imagin.

The commercial initiative also includes a payment of €150 made to the account of all users who direct deposit their paycheck for the first time if the paycheck exceeds €1,000, and of €50 if it is less than that amount.

Helping orange coral survive through imaginPlanet

The project is part of the set of sustainability-based products, services, contents, agreements and initiatives that imagin, through imaginPlanet, develops in order to have a positive impact on the planet and on society as a whole. Through imaginPlanet, initiatives are launched in support of social and environmental causes, both internal, and promoted by individuals or organisations supported by imagin.

This year, assisting with the recovery of orange coral reefs has become one of the main focuses of imagin's plan to have a positive impact on the environment. Orange coral is a species endemic to the Mediterranean Sea, living exclusively in this part of the planet. It is currently threatened because of pollution, rising ocean temperatures and the proliferation of exotic invasive species, such as the brown Asian seaweed Rugulopteryx okamurae, which has been expanding throughout the Spanish Mediterranean since 2016.

However, steps can be taken to help maintain and connect existing coral populations. In fact, HyT's MedCoral Programme has been taking steps for 15 years to learn about, preserve and protect the coral reefs, and it has come up with successful techniques to generate small populations in an environment where they can survive.

The collaboration with HyT to initiate this project involves strengthening an innovative marine regeneration project that already has a point of action off the coast of Almuñecar, where four orange coral gardens have already been created, equivalent to 60,000 individual corals. imagin's contribution to the project and the involvement of the community of users will be essential to reinforce the study, monitor and maintain these first reefs, a task entrusted to the HyT scientific team, as well as to potentially create new regeneration areas in the near future.

More than 4 million imaginers

imagin is a lifestyle platform promoted by CaixaBank that offers digital, financial and non-financial services that help its users, mainly young people under 30, with their daily lives and future projects. It currently has a community of 4.3 million users, a figure that is constantly growing thanks to the wide range of content and services,many of them free to access,and how easy it is to sign up and use its products to varying degrees, something that, unlike traditional banks, does not necessarily involve registering as a financial customer.

In addition, the imagin application provides a range of financial products to cover the saving and financing needs of young people as they transition into adulthood and start to have their own income and their own lifestyle projects. The application adheres to the defining traits that have made it the go-to bank for young people. Such traits include mobile-only operations; services provided exclusively through the app with no branches or website, which is solely informational in nature. There are also no fees charged to the user, and communications are presented in clear and simple language, which is highly effective in directly conveying important information to young people.