Press release

CaixaBank Volunteering benefited more than 370,000 vulnerable people through 25,000 solidarity activities in 2023

CaixaBank Volunteers.

• The number of volunteers participating grew by 23% compared to 2022, showing citizen interest in responding to the social needs of vulnerable groups.

• The main areas of activity were education and professional support, as well as supporting people in vulnerable situations.

• Last year, CaixaBank Volunteering launched its ‘Social Month’, an initiative that benefited more than 119,000 people thanks to the involvement of over 13,800 citizens.


A total of 17,240 CaixaBank volunteers throughout Spain took part in 25,137 solidarity activities that benefited 372,669 people in vulnerable situations in 2023. Volunteers were involved throughout all of the country’s autonomous regions, and benefited from the collaboration and participation of 2,238 social organisations across Spain.

Throughout 2023, CaixaBank Volunteering has reinforced and expanded the activities in the various programmes it carries out, with the aim of adapting to the needs of the most vulnerable citizens and addressing the challenges faced by society. Thus, the number of volunteers participating in solidarity actions has grown by 23%, demonstrating the interest of society in volunteer work. Similarly, the number of collaborating social entities has increased by 12% in comparison to 2022. 

Activities at a local level have played a significant role in CaixaBank Volunteering initiatives, with more than 13,000 actions organised in towns and cities in all regions of Spain.   

As a key new feature in 2023, CaixaBank Volunteering launched its ‘Social Month’, promoting solidarity initiatives for a whole month and extending the former ‘Social Week’. In May, more than 13,800 employees, former employees, friends, family and customers volunteered in more than 2,300 activities nationwide. Overall, the needs of more than 119,000 people were met, in collaboration with 1,006 social entities across the country.

Main programmes

One of CaixaBank Volunteering’s main programmes is education, offering financial literacy, reading support and school reinforcement initiatives. In 2023, 6,248 activities were organised, offering content adapted for each individual.

Personal and professional support is another of the pillars of CaixaBank Volunteering. Throughout the year, 4,695 activities were carried out to promote job placement and entrepreneurship, as well as support to bring culture, sport and music to people in vulnerable situations, the elderly and people with disabilities.   

As a result of its commitment to caring for the planet, CaixaBank Volunteers carried out 579 actions to promote environmental conservation, such as beach clean-ups, reforestation, and recycling actions.

Environmental activities did not only focus on practical actions, but also included 215 workshops and awareness-raising talks on the vital importance of protecting the planet, flora and fauna. 

Digitisation and training in office computing skills were also at the heart of last year's activity. 225 sessions and workshops were held, enabling participants to improve their knowledge of web browsing as well as  learn about digital communication tools, among other things.  

Global and national emergencies also encouraged CaixaBank Volunteers to take action. In response to t the earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria in February, around fifty CaixaBank volunteers in Madrid, the Balearic Islands, Malaga, Valencia and Murcia, in collaboration with social organisations and Malaga City Council, took part in the collection of humanitarian material, medicines and food to supply those affected by the earthquake.

'Everyone's Project'

Also noteworthy in 2023 was Everyone's Project, an initiative through which CaixaBank employees present the projects of NGOs with which they collaborate, and the bank offers financial aid to implement these solidarity initiatives. Hence, in 2023, 122 projects run by social entities were selected and endowed with 616,000 euros to carry out actions and activities for the benefit of society. 

CaixaBank held a meeting at its headquarters in Madrid to recognise the work and involvement of its employees as volunteers in organisations that support charitable causes. During the event, the strong commitment to solidarity of the bank's employees and the important value of first-hand collaboration with organisations, which carry out crucial work for social progress, were highlighted.

CaixaBank Volunteering

CaixaBank Volunteering is one of the largest volunteering initiatives in Spain and its aim is to bring the practice of solidarity actions to all citizens. With 19 years of experience, the association is made up of employees and former employees of the CaixaBank Group and the "la Caixa" Foundation, as well as friends, family members, CaixaBank customers and anyone else who may want to take part in charitable activities.

In the last year, thanks to the joint work with over 2,200 social entities and the involvement of more than 17,200 volunteers, the CaixaBank Volunteering programme has helped more than 372,000 vulnerable people throughout Spain. This was done through activities on education, digitalisation, supporting vulnerable people and the environment.

Fostering corporate volunteering is one of CaixaBank's lines of action.The bank helps respond to the challenges faced by society, while simultaneously offering services and solutions for social entities and people at risk of vulnerability, through its financial activity.