Press release

CaixaBank to facilitate fee-free money transfers to Ukraine and donations to NGOs assisting people affected by the war

Ukraine emergency

• The bank has put in place a platform for donations to the main humanitarian organisations working to assist the Ukrainian people.

• CaixaBank employees, customers and non-customers can make their donations, with no associated costs, at the bank’s branches, through its ATMs, online and using mobile devices.

• In a few days, customers of Ukrainian banks will be able to use CaixaBank's ATMs free of charge.

• The company has mobilised its network of volunteers to contribute to collecting humanitarian aid across Spain.

CaixaBank has launched a wide range of measures to facilitate aid to the people affected by the war in Ukraine. The bank will offer fee-free transfers to Ukraine in order to help refugees, and in the coming days it will permit customers of Ukrainian banks to use its ATMs free of charge.

In addition, the bank has put in place a platform that allows to make financial donations, at no cost, to humanitarian organisations that are assisting people affected by the Russian invasion.

Under the banner of ‘Everyone with Ukraine! Choose how you want to help!’, the platform enables bank employees, customers and non-customers to donate through CaixaBank's channels to established organisations working on the ground with the Ukrainian people.

It is a simple, flexible and fast system that allows making financial contributions by indicating the intention of supporting Ukraine and selecting the specific organisation to receive the funds, without requiring its account number and at no cost to the receiving party.

The contributions can be made through CaixaBank's network of physical and mobile branches, as well as via its online channels (ATMs, and mobile app). CaixaBank's extensive network of ATMs, with 13,000 terminals across the country, will also provide anybody who wishes to do so the possibility of making donations. The bank’s call centre will be on hand to consult anybody, including customers and non-customers, wishing to make a donation.  

Furthermore, in these uncertain times, CaixaBank will support its customers by supplying information about the situation in global markets and providing financial advice.

Participating organisations

Contributions can be made through the platform to the following NGOs participating in the initiative: Unicef, Acnur, Red Cross, Ayuda en Acción, Intermon, Save the Children, Acción Contra el Hambre, Cáritas España and Cáritas Barcelona.

Any person or company wishing to contribute can choose the organisation to donate to based on the cause they want to support, such as providing aid to refugees, covering primary and healthcare needs, or providing special care to children.

The subject of all aid contributed through CaixaBank’s channels will be fully traceable and will involve humanitarian assistance of the people remaining in Ukraine and the thousands of refugees that have fled the country. The initiative is open to the participation of other organisations that can showcase their humanitarian work with the Ukrainian people.

CaixaBank is committed to supplying humanitarian aid

CaixaBank is an organisation with a far-reaching social vocation. The bank is a benchmark in socially responsible banking and is committed to serving its customers as well as the wider society. In response to the challenges faced by society, among other measures, the bank hosts social action initiatives and promotes voluntary work, whilst also offering services and solutions for diverse groups of people through its main activity.

To support the Ukrainian war victims, CaixaBank's broad network of volunteers spread across Spain will assist various NGOs working with the Ukrainian people.  the bank's initial focus was on initiatives pertaining to collecting medication, non-perishable food and essential goods, so as to be ready to welcome Ukrainian refugees arriving in Spain or to send the supplies to Ukraine if considered necessary by the NGOs.

Based on the recommendations from the participating NGOs, the voluntarily work will also concentrate on promoting cash donations, whenever possible.

About CaixaBank's Social Action

The strategy for Social Action is aimed at promoting CaixaBank's own social projects, joint projects with the “la Caixa” Foundation, as well as other partnerships promoted directly by the bank. Thanks to its territorial capillarity and proximity, the CaixaBank branch network can detect local needs by implementing programmes, as well as support the "la Caixa" Foundation in channelling financial aid to social organisations.

CaixaBank’s ESG activities have been recognised by leading international bodies. The Dow Jones Sustainability Index ranks it among the best banks in the world in terms of corporate responsibility. Similarly, the international organisation CDP has recognised CaixaBank as the leading bank in the fight against climate change.