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CaixaBank Tech strengthens its team to reach 1,000 experts in financial services technology

CaixaBank Tech.

• The CaixaBank Group’s technological subsidiary will add 200 new professionals to grow in the areas of cloud application development, data analysis and artificial intelligence, among others specialities which are fundamental to the digital transformation of the bank.

• CaixaBank Tech has multidisciplinary technological teams that provide the best IT service to CaixaBank Group and drive the development of new financial solutions, in close collaboration with global technological leaders such as Google Cloud, IBM, Microsoft and Salesforce.

• The positions are based at any of the three operational centres of CaixaBank Tech: Barcelona, Madrid and a new, recently opened site in Seville.


CaixaBank Tech, the CaixaBank Group technological subsidiary, will expand its professional team with the incorporation of 200 external professionals, mostly young people with technology and scientific degrees.

The selection process is already underway, with a view to the new recruits being in place by the end of 2023. As a result, CaixaBank Tech will exceed 1,000 in-house employees, at a critical point in the digital transformation of CaixaBank Group and of the general banking sector.

Among the areas in which CaixaBank Tech will strengthen its team is artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, with various positions for data engineers, data scientists and specialists in machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing.

The company will also incorporate Python, React and Java developers to support the development of hybrid apps, the development of AI, and advanced analytics models and to enhance software applications (appification) in financial services. In addition, cybersecurity and cloud experts are also being recruited, as well as specialists in digital marketing, UX and quality assurance engineers.

Professionals are also being hired for the dedicated digital transformation team, with specialities including agile and scrum methodologies, innovation and workplace transformation.

New CaixaBank Tech centre in Seville

The positions are based in Madrid and Barcelona, as well as in a new centre that CaixaBank Tech has opened in the city of Seville. Seville has great potential as a tech development hub for CaixaBank, and the new centre will make it easier to attract technology talent looking to develop professionally in CaixaBank Group.

The Seville team will work on all CaixaBank Tech's expert areas, although it will have a specific focus as the centre for software development with specialised profiles.

About CaixaBank Tech

CaixaBank Tech is the subsidiary of CaixaBank Group that incorporates the majority of specialised technology teams. It plays a key role in the creation and development of the products and services offered by the bank, which has over 20 million customers, and the largest digital client base of all Spanish banks, with 11 million users of its CaixaBankNow digital banking website and app.

As an expert technology company, CaixaBank Tech drives the whole development cycle of new financial solutions (end to end), with quality as a differential element in all projects and with a special focus on artificial intelligence, advanced data analytics, the hybrid cloud and app creation.

The teams collaborate closely with the best technological partners in each speciality and apply new methodologies that contribute innovation to all phases of the process. The development of projects with partners that are global tech leaders, like Google Cloud, IBM, Microsoft, and Salesforce, enhances the growth in specialisation of CaixaBank Tech's professionals, who are able to access training platforms and official certifications, as well as participate in innovation co-creation activities such as bootcamps or hackathons, and international conferences.

To attract and retain talent, the company is committed to new project and career management methodologies, such as gamification, with a flexible organisation model and horizontal structures based on projects and specialties for professional development, providing maximum technical know-how and a culture focused on these profiles. CaixaBank Tech is also a pioneer in flexibility, well-being, sustainability and social commitment aimed at its professional team, with the CaixaBank Volunteering projects one of the largest volunteering initiatives in Spain.