Press release

CaixaBank promotes its commitment to society with the launch of its new brand purpose: “Standing by people for everything that matters"

CaixaBank´s chairman, José Ignacio Goirigolzarri and CaixaBank´s CEO, Gonzalo Gortázar.

• CaixaBank has decided to create a new brand purpose following the integration of Bankia, an operation which consolidates it as Spain's largest financial group.

• In this new stage, the bank commits to being even closer to people and to society as a whole, in keeping with its corporate culture and the 2022-2024 Strategic Plan announced in May.

• The new purpose is coupled with the launch of a new corporate slogan ("You and I. Together") and a mass media institutional publicity campaign that symbolises the importance of having someone close to help you at key moments.

• The campaign shows the real stories of Carlos González Pintado, a Spanish engineer who relayed communications between the astronauts and Houston during the manned Moon landings, and British athlete Derek Redmond, who endured one of the most emotional moments at the Barcelona Olympics.

• This commitment to engage more relies on the elements that make CaixaBank different: its team of professionals and the largest network of bank branches and ATMs in Spain, and an extensive range of financial, insurance and non-financial products and services for everyone.

• In addition, the company is committed firmly to financial and social inclusion, with unique products in the Spanish market, such as MicroBank and CaixaBank Dualiza, and its partnership with the "la Caixa" Foundation.

CaixaBank has announced its new brand purpose: “Standing by people for everything that matters". This launch reaffirms its commitment to be accessible to society and all its stakeholders, starting with its customers; it strengthens its corporate culture, and it is consistent with its new 2022-2024 Strategic Plan, announced this past May.

The company has decided to define a new brand purpose after completing the integration of Bankia, an operation that has consolidated it as Spain's largest financial group.

In the wake of this definition, the bank has also evolved its slogan, which is now "You and I. Together", and reflects the commitment to engage with people and society as a whole, and to be part of their lives, their reality and their needs.

The company thus promises to support people with everything that matters to them and help them with their concerns by being part of their lives, their reality and their financial needs. The idea is to be close to them not only physically, but personally, whether through in-person or digital channels, and offer them customised solutions based on their individual needs and circumstances.

To achieve this, CaixaBank boasts the most extensive team of banking customer service professionals in Spain, and also the largest network of branches in the country, with a presence in 2,234 municipalities, a structure of 13,000 ATMs, 17 mobile branches that serve over 600 municipalities, and numerous remote and digital service solutions.

CaixaBank also provides specialised services to every sector of the population, and its products and services cover the banking and insurance needs of every segment, as well as many non-financial needs.

The bank is also particularly mindful of the most vulnerable people. In fact, it works the hardest for financial and social inclusion in Spain, not only through its extensive network, but also through its commitment not to leave those towns where it is the only bank; through social and sustainable commitments that are unique in the market, such as MicroBank, Europe's leading microloan bank, and CaixaBank Dualiza; through the multiple volunteering efforts of its employees, and especially through its collaboration with the ”la Caixa” Foundation.

"You and I. Together"

In its new slogan "You and I. Together", the ‘you’ seeks to reflect the needs, worries, priorities, circumstances, and basically everything that matters to the diverse audiences served by the bank: customers, shareholders and society at large.

In turn, the ‘I’ refers to a wide-ranging, agile and helpful network of professionals who work day in, day out to engage with people and provide a solution to their needs. Being close to society and customers demands that each employee constantly analyses and adapts their daily activity to ensure that every task, every process, every decision and every interaction is personal.

Linking the two pronouns with the conjunction 'and' implies a commitment to customers to always be by their side, whether physically or digitally. This captures the essence of the omnichannel model that CaixaBank's 2022-2024 Strategic Plan lays out as the model to offer solutions that are ethical, efficient, effective and sustainable in every regard, and to promote financial inclusion and spearhead a positive social change.

Finally, the new slogan culminates with the word ‘together’, to indicate the maximum expression of engagement to provide trust, affinity and commitment to society as a whole.

Launch of a new institutional advertising campaign

As a cover letter for its new positioning, CaixaBank is premiering an institutional campaign that will be featured on TV, radio, press and social media. It stars two people whose real stories symbolise, in an exemplary fashion, the importance of having someone close who can provide crucial support at life's key moments.

The first one starred in one of the most thrilling moments in Olympic history, and one of the most memorable of the '92 Barcelona Olympics, which are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. It features athlete Derek Redmond, British champion in the 400-metre dash and one of the favourites in 1992 to win Olympic gold, and his father.

While Redmond was racing in the semifinals at the Montjuïc Stadium, he sustained a serious injury. Instead of dropping out immediately, he wanted to finish the race. People watching all over the world were moved by the sight of Derek's father jumping past security and onto the track to take him by the arm and help him reach the finish line. As it happens, Derek's father died in October 2022, after the CaixaBank video ad was filmed.

The second story in the advertising campaign features Carlos González Pintado, a Madrid native who studied engineering in the USA in the 1960s and started working at NASA in 1968. Through NASA's centres on the ground, he was involved in all the Apollo launches after Apollo VI, as well as in the Space Shuttle and all the robotic scientific missions.

During the mission in 1969 that took man to the Moon for the first time, González Pintado was in charge of keeping communications going between Houston and the astronauts. From the NASA complex in Robledo de Chavela (Madrid), the Spaniard was the first person on Earth to know that man had reached the Moon.

Definition of the brand purpose and slogan

The brand purpose and slogan were developed following an in-depth analysis of the CaixaBank brand to identify the key aspects that define it and the factors that most set it apart in the market. This relied on the involvement of executives and employees at the bank, as well as on focus groups with customers and non-customers of different ages and profiles. They were designed using new methods to analyse and understand how consumers relate to brands.

The new purpose is the result of working with the consultancy firm Saffron, and the advertising campaign was developed in collaboration with the agency Comunica+A.