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CaixaBank named “Best Private Bank in Spain” by The Banker/PWM (FT Group) for the third consecutive year

New acknowledgement for CaixaBank Private Banking

CaixaBank Private Banking

• The Financial Times Group magazines have recognised CaixaBank Private Banking's business model, focused on service quality, ongoing growth and the use of new technologies to be able to offer the best customer experience.

• This award comes in addition to the acknowledgements of "Most Innovative Private Bank in Western Europe 2022" by Global Finance, and "Best Private Bank in Europe in Big Data Analytics and AI 2021" by magazine PWM.

CaixaBank has been named “Best Private Bank in Spain” for the third consecutive year at the Global Private Banking Awards 2021 that are held by UK magazines The Banker and PWM, of the Financial Times Group.

The awards' jury, which distinguishes excellence in the sector, has recognised in 2021 CaixaBank's private banking business model, focused on quality advice and its commitment to sustainable financial advice, constant growth and the use of new technologies in order to be able to offer the best customer experience.

Furthermore, US magazine Global Finance has named CaixaBank as the "Most Innovative Private Bank in Western Europe 2022” at the World’s Best Private Banks Awards, the seventh edition of which was held this year.

According to Joseph Giarraputo, publisher and editorial director of the New York-headquartered magazine, "High-net-worth individuals have responded to the global health crisis in myriad ways, including new demands for a wider array of sustainable investment options and increasingly sophisticated digital services. Our annual awards recognize the private banks that are rising to the occasion."

Thus, the international press has recognised CaixaBank Private Banking's value proposition, which offers various service models to adapt to every customer's needs and preferences, ranging from those who demand a global advisory service to those which operate at their own initiative in the management of their assets using a platform with global capabilities for investment in securities, funds and other management products.

CaixaBank Wealth, the bank's independent advice service, was a trailblazer in Spanish banking, and currently features 68 advisers exclusively dedicated to the unit, with an investment strategy that is adapted at all times to the markets' characteristics, return targets, risk, term and liquidity specified by the customer.

This model, which features maximum clarity in costs by explicitly charging for the advisory service, offers the customer a broader range of products and services, with access to passive management products, illiquid assets, fee-free classes of marketing in different financial instruments, and discretionary customised portfolio management. It also offers other exclusive services, such as wealth advice, advice in art and philanthropy.

In the non-independent advisory service, customers have a specialised adviser who accompanies them in developing a plan by targets and have access to a wide range of products, additional services and a high-added-value technology platform.

CaixaBank is the market leader in discretionary portfolio management with €41.75 billion under management, and a 43.4% market share (Inverco data from June 2021).

CaixaBank Banca Privada has reinforced this model in 2021 by committing to impact and sustainable investment, and it has become the benchmark in sustainable private banking.

Constant growth and innovation

The CaixaBank Private Banking model features a team of close to 1,000 professionals specialised in private banking, who provide service to customers at more than 5,000 branches of the CaixaBank network in Spain. In addition, the company has 69 specific centres distributed throughout the country. Following the merger, CaixaBank Banca Privada has more than 105,000 customers and 103 billion euros in assets under management.

In line with the CaixaBank Strategic Plan, the strategy of the private banking business is focused on highly qualified, committed and talented advisers at the company, and the latest technologies, with the aim of offering the best customer experience at any time and anywhere.

International acknowledgments

CaixaBank has received multiple international awards and acknowledgements in the year it completed the merger with Bankia. The magazine Euromoney has acknowledged it as the “World's Best Bank Transformation 2021” and has named CaixaBank “Best Bank in Spain 2021”. Global Finance also named CaixaBank “Best Bank in Spain” for the seventh consecutive year, “Best Bank in Western Europe” for the third consecutive time and “Best Consumer Digital Bank in Spain” for the sixth consecutive year.

In the field of the private banking, in addition to the acknowledgement of "Most Innovative Private Bank in Western Europe 2022” from Global Finance, as stated above, CaixaBank has been also named "Best Private Bank in Europe in Big Data Analytics and AI 2021” by the PWM magazine. 

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