Press release

CaixaBank launches "The Island" advertising campaign: a trip to the most remote island in the world that highlights the social dimension of the bank’s offering

The bank's first major corporate campaign in 2024

Image from the CaixaBank corporate campaign "La Isla".

• The campaign’s main theme centres on the concept of "standing by people" and is divided into five specific elements that are key to CaixaBank's contribution to economic and social development: financial inclusion of senior citizens, standing by - and supporting -local communities, financing for entrepreneurs, the promotion of vocational training, and volunteering.

• The initiative aligns with the bank's brand purpose, "standing by people for everything that matters", and shows how the reality of the most remote place in the world (Tristan da Cunha - "There", in the campaign's story) and the territory where CaixaBank operates ("Here") have more in common than it might seem.

• In different versions of the advert, residents talk about how they have established various initiatives, with it then going on to show how CaixaBank customers have done so locally, all with the bank's support.

CaixaBank has launched its first major advertising campaign of 2024: "The Island". It is a corporate campaign created with the aim of strengthening the visibility of its contribution to the economic and social development of the regions where the bank operates.

The initiative aligns with the bank's brand purpose, "standing by people for everything that matters", presented in 2022, and looks at five key aspects of CaixaBank's contribution to society: initiatives to support senior citizens; standing by and supporting local areas through the most extensive branch network in Spain and AgroBank's value proposition for rural regions; financing for entrepreneurs through MicroBank; the work that CaixaBank Dualiza promotes in support of vocational training; and the social initiatives promoted by CaixaBank, such as its volunteer programme.

Trip to the most remote island in the world

This new corporate campaign is based on the contrast between the reality of the most remote place in the world and that of our own land, in a story that explores the idea that anything is possible when you have someone standing by you: in the most remote place in the world, and also “here”, in Spain.

 The adverts created show a trip to the most remote island in the world: Tristan da Cunha, in the South Atlantic. This island, which is under British jurisdiction, is considered the furthest island from any other inhabited point in the world; the nearest town, located on the island of St. Helena, on which Tristan da Cunha is administratively dependent, is 2,173 kilometres to the north. The island is also thousands of kilometres away from any continent: specifically, it is 2,816 kilometres from Africa and 3,360 kilometres from South America.

It is precisely a journey to the most remote place in the world that forms the guiding thread of a story in which CaixaBank wishes to highlight the importance of the concept of "standing by people". In reality, life in Tristan da Cunha (which in the campaign is referred to as "there") and life in Spain ("here", in the campaign's wording), although separated by many kilometres, is not so different.

This metaphor helps to convey the similarity between the behaviour of the island's inhabitants and the closeness and social commitment of CaixaBank as a facilitator: being at people's side to support their projects and their dreams.

In the different versions of the advert, the 260 inhabitants of Tristan da Cunha explain how they have established initiatives and what kind of help they have needed. The conclusion is that it is the sense of community, with the support of facilitators such as CaixaBank, that makes it possible to carry out personal and collective initiatives, something that happens all over the world, both on the most remote island in the world, as well as anywhere in Spain.

"The Island" advert will be broadcast, with innovative pieces adapted for each format, on television, radio, in the press, digital media, social media, cinemas and on several metro lines in Barcelona and Madrid.

The five social areas of CaixaBank

The campaign, designed by Dentsu both creatively and in terms of media planning, is centred around one main piece, which features a trip to the island of Tristan da Cunha for the first time and develops the concept of "standing by people".

In this first wave of the campaign, there will be three adverts released dedicated to three of the main social focuses: regional territory, entrepreneurship, and vocational training. Then, mid-year, in a second wave, the other two focuses will be addressed: commitment to senior citizens and corporate volunteering.

Social vocation, which forms part of CaixaBank's core values, is reflected in its service to the senior community. CaixaBank, with more than four million customers over the age of 65 and a 34.3% share of pensions deposited by direct debit, is the leading institution in the senior citizen segment in Spain. Currently, four out of every ten customers in this segment in Spain trust in CaixaBank. According to the latest FRS 2023 index published, CaixaBank has the leading position in the sector, with 52.6% of those surveyed perceiving CaixaBank as an institution specialising in senior citizens. The bank's commitment to its customers focuses on three areas: standing by people, adapting to the way they engage with the bank and working to prevent financial exclusion.

CaixaBank is also firmly committed to the Spanish territory thanks to having the largest branch network, with nearly 4,000 branches in more than 2,230 municipalities. This network enables the bank to reach practically every corner of the country and be the only financial institution in 483 municipalities, which it is also committed to not abandoning the service to. In fact, in 2022 and 2023, CaixaBank extended the coverage of its financial services network to a total of 484 new towns in rural areas where the bank had no presence until then. These new service points have been incorporated through the arrival of mobile branches and the installation of ATMs. The bank is also committed to the development of rural areas with AgroBank, its business line focusing on the agri-food sector and has specialised branches and managers.

MicroBank, CaixaBank's social bank, is Europe’s leader in microfinance, with a clear commitment to financial inclusion and access to credit for the most vulnerable groups, as well as to promoting the socio-economic development of the country. In 2023, MicroBank, processed 144,473 financing transactions with a social impact valued at €1.38 billion, representing increases of 44% and 36.2%, respectively.  The sector that experienced the most growth in 2023 involved the financing granted for the launch and consolidation of small businesses. In total, MicroBank granted 19,267 microcredits in Spain for this purpose, 47% more than in the previous year.

CaixaBank Dualiza, an initiative for fostering and expanding vocational training, acts out of the conviction that society is transformed through education. Last year alone, more than 10,000 students, teachers and companies benefited from the initiatives promoted by this foundation aimed at improving individuals' qualifications through vocational training.

On volunteering, CaixaBank has a programme open to employees, former employees, friends, family, and customers of the bank, which carries out solidarity activities in collaboration with social organisations throughout Spain to help people in vulnerable situations.

“Standing by people for everything that matters"

CaixaBank's brand purpose, "Standing by people for everything that matters", reaffirms its commitment to standing by society and all its stakeholders, starting with its customers, also reinforcing its corporate culture. This is also reflected in the bank's slogan, “You and I. Together", which reflects on the bank's commitment to engaging with people and society, taking part in their lives, their reality and their needs.

The new campaign underscores the bank's commitment to supporting people in everything that matters to them and to helping them with their concerns by being part of their lives, their reality, and their financial needs. The idea is to be close to them not only physically, but also personally, whether through in-person or digital channels, offering them customised solutions based on their individual needs and circumstances.