Press release

CaixaBank launches its new corporate website to reinforce communication with its stakeholders

The new portal makes its corporate content, both informative and explanatory, more dynamic

CaixaBank new corporate website

• The bank reinforces its commitment to transparency and accessibility with a user-friendly website, with a simpler browsing structure that makes it easier to access information and new, best-in-class features.

• Special care has been taken to enhance browsability and traceability to highlight the most appropriate, relevant content for each stakeholder.

• It has opted for a design that is both more visual and responsive, to facilitate access on mobile devices and tablets.

CaixaBank has just launched its new corporate website,, which transmits the bank's brand positioning and values and features regulatory compliance and the latest online trends to make it a more visual, effective communication tool. Its aim is to strengthen the relationship with the bank’s different stakeholders. The fundamental priority was therefore to enhance the user experience by delivering the information they want quickly and easily, presented in new, enriched multimedia formats. To do this, the browsing structure has been simplified, with a main menu presenting all the content relevant to the user in five sections. Thus, the new menu is more visual and structured, with a simpler, more intuitive layout to make it easier to access information. The new portal also offers a more modern look & feel, with typography featuring high contrast and highlights with greater photographic impact, in line with the organisation's new brand image. 

Dynamic content

The new website, with a responsive design to make it easier to access from mobile devices, offers current and explanatory content relevant to the user. It has been approached in a transversal way to allow the ongoing posting of stories that add context and humanity to the bank's corporate messages, with a special emphasis on its positioning as a socially responsible bank. 

New features

New features have been added to the new corporate website, making it the best portal in its class on the market. Among the advanced new features is a latest-generation search engine with predictive recommendations and cross-site search; synchronisation of the investor agenda with users' personal calendar, plus new interactive graphics to analyse the principal economic indicators and the evolution of CABK shares. Furthermore, future integration of the NEO personal assistant and an event platform to view shareholders' webcasts is planned. 

A transversal project

The process of creating the new corporate website was led by Executive Direction for Communication, Institutional Relations, Brand and CSR, neX and IT, in a transversal project which also included the participation of 30 bank departments, among which are Investor Relations, General Secretariat, Intervention and Accounting and HR, among others

To define the requirements for the new website, internal interviews were held with the heads of key areas, a benchmark with more than 80 members analysed in five different sectors, as well as qualitative interviews with target users and various focus group sessions with the main interest groups.

Deloitte was the agency commissioned to provide external support throughout the process, which included, among other phases, the conceptualisation and design of the new site, layout using a new style guide and the ad-hoc creation of specific new content.