Press release

CaixaBank and CEOE open a 35-billion-euro financing facility to improve companies' productivity and internationalisation

José Ignacio Goirigolzarri and Antonio Garamendi.

• The agreement between the two entities, which runs from 2023–2024, also seeks to foster the development of business innovation and entrepreneurship projects.

• Through this agreement, CEOE and the bank have also agreed to join forces, through CaixaBank Dualiza, to foster vocational training, strengthening the link between companies and educational centres.

The Chairman of CaixaBank, José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, and the Chairman of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations (CEOE), Antonio Garamendi, have reached a collaboration agreement that will provide CEOE member companies and their business organisations with a 35-billion-euro financing facility for the period 2023–2024. The goal of the agreement is to help the Spanish business sector to improve its productivity and contribute to developing innovation projects, boosting internationalisation and fostering entrepreneurship. 

At the signing of the agreement, the Chairman of CaixaBank, José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, underlined that "we want to be very close to companies and support them in their growth and development, financing their projects, backing innovation and accompanying them in the transition to a more sustainable economy. In short, the goal is to contribute to improving the competitiveness of the Spanish economy''. In that regard, CaixaBank's Chairman highlighted that "entrepreneurship is absolutely key in a context of major uncertainty in society and the economy, marked by far-reaching trends such as digitalisation and climate transition, and it is entrepreneurs who, through their initiatives, are transforming this reality".

Antonio Garamendi, Chairman of CEOE, highlighted the value of this agreement to bring financing closer to big business, SMEs and the self-employed and to boost the development of the productive fabric of our country. "This agreement between the two entities has been signed since 2015 and its success has led us to reissue it once again because we see that it is a lever for a great many Spanish companies, particularly at a time of economic uncertainty such as the one we are currently experiencing," said the CEOE Chairman. Antonio Garamendi also thanked CaixaBank for its work and highlighted the efforts of the bank in recent months for being a valuable channel for investment and for the support they have provided during difficult times such as the pandemic.

The agreement provides that CaixaBank will offer financing under conditions adapted to suit the specific needs of companies according to their individual characteristics. The bank's extensive territorial coverage, boasting the largest commercial network in the Spanish banking sector, as well as its customer service model with centres and managers specialising in business advice, will enable it to handle financing applications quickly and provide an effective response to companies' needs.

The agreement also envisages that CaixaBank, through CaixaBank Dualiza, and CEOE will work together to drive and improve the quality of vocational training, strengthening the link between the productive sector and vocational training centres. The goal is to boost the social value of vocational training as a driver of employability, particularly for young people, and improve the competitiveness and transformation of the economic and social system.

This agreement marks the renewal of a partnership between the two entities that began in 2015. Since then, CaixaBank has made upwards of 120,000 million euros available to CEOE member companies to drive business growth.

CaixaBank, a leading bank for companies   

CaixaBank has consolidated its position as a leading bank for businesses thanks to its specialisation model, with products and services tailored to the specific needs of this customer base. CaixaBank Business provides its services through 220 specialised centres and branches throughout every region of Spain, staffed by 2,200 highly qualified professionals with a solid reputation in business consulting. 

The company has specialists in financing, foreign trade, treasury, tourism, real estate and SMEs, who offer a personalised service beyond financing to support and promote the corporate sector. Furthermore, through DayOne, CaixaBank provides specialised services to technology and innovation companies and their investors.

Internationally, the bank supports its corporate customers with various operational solutions that provide effective access to 127 markets in different countries, offering the best guidance for their operations abroad. CaixaBank provides services both to SMEs and micro-enterprises that are just starting with their export activities, as well as to large corporations and business groups that are involved in more complex international projects. 

The bank, as part of its Sustainable Banking Plan, which is integrated into its 2022-2024 Strategic Plan, undertakes the responsibility of promoting an economy that is favourable to the well-being of people through three ambitions: promote the sustainable transition of companies and society, lead the positive social impact and promote financial inclusion. To this end, CaixaBank has set itself the goal of mobilising €64 billion in sustainable financing through 2024. The bank is also present in the world's leading sustainability indexes and is evaluated by the main specialised analysts. Of note is its presence in, Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the A List 2022 of CDP Climate Change.


CEOE is the main representative of business in Spain in dealings with the Administration, State bodies, trade union organisations, political parties and international institutions. In Europe, CEOE is an active member of BusinessEurope, which brings together business associations throughout the continent. Since its inception in 1977, CEOE has represented and advocated the interests of Spanish entrepreneurs. It brings together, on a voluntary basis, the vast majority of companies and individual entrepreneurs of any size or sector through grassroots associations, comprising a network of 240 business organisations.