Press release

CaixaBank Group opens its first store of non-financial products in Malaga

The interior of the new Family Store on Malaga's central Marqués de Lario Street.

• Family Store is a new business concept that CaixaBank Group is launching via its subsidiary PromoCaixa, where products can be bought and financed at 0% APR for bank customers.

• This pilot store is designed to enhance the customer shopping experience. It will feature product displays, interactive screens, as well as workshops, courses and talks.

• There will be a central display area for featured products, as well as separate zones for technology, audio-visuals, and domestic appliances. The store will provide personalised support to customers in Malaga, with services such as free delivery.

CaixaBank Group, via its PromoCaixa subsidiary, will open a new business concept, called Family Store, on Malaga’s central Marqués de Larios street on 4 July. This will be the Group’s first store selling non-financial products in Spain. A team of 4 will initially staff the 190 m2 site, which will be open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. The store will feature a comprehensive display of products and provide aftersales services and other services to customers.

Run by PromoCaixa (a CaixaBank subsidiary), the store will feature a range of technology gadgets, such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers; as well as audio-visual items including televisions, cameras and sound bars. There will be a section for household appliances, featuring alarms, washing machines, freezers, and other domestic appliances. And likewise a section for leisure products and more.

Samsung and Securitas Direct will be the main partners at the store, which will also stock brands such as GoPro, Segway, iRobot, Nespresso, Taurus, HP, Lenovo, and many more. The Family Store product range includes the line of travel items and accessories designed by the Malaga-born actor Antonio Banderas. Insurance will be available to purchase on all products and accessories.

CaixaBank Group has restored the front wall of the building and has plans to set up a CaixaBank Private Banking office on the top floor, while the ground floor will include three ATMs and a currency exchange office.

A new shopping experience

Based on the “Live your dreams” concept, the new Family Store is designed to offer innovative consumer items, providing customers with try-before-you-buy access to the same via product demonstrations, interactive screens, workshops, courses and talks. The store will include a central display area for featured products, and sections for tech gadgets, audio-visual products, and domestic appliances.

The articles can be purchased directly at the store, with 0% APR financing available to customers of the bank. Family Store will likewise offer free delivery and installation services for televisions and domestic appliances. There will also be a Tax Free service for visitors to the EU.

The pilot will be used to test the “marketplace” format in terms of services, product display and sales. CaixaBank finances a selection of products via PromoCaixa’s Compra Estrella platform, and in the first quarter of this year sold 114,000 items such as mobile phones, televisions and many other products.