Press release

MicroBank launches MicroBank Academy to enhance entrepreneurs' training through Google courses

The new training platform for entrepreneurs MicroBank Academy.

● The new service offers a selection of courses to strengthen digital skills, as well as other courses on business, business plans, sales strategies, communication and public relations

● The courses include Google trainings on digital marketing fundamentals, cybersecurity, and personal productivity

● Access to the courses is free and open to anyone interested in launching a business project


MicroBank, CaixaBank's social bank, has launched the initiative MicroBank Academy, with the aim of contributing to the training of entrepreneurs and improvement of their skills. This is a new service, where they will be able to access  Google Actívate courses for free to learn the keys to managing their business successfully.

The MicroBank Academy training package offers a selection of training courses aimed at strengthening digital skills as well as other subjects, such as business and business plans, sales strategies, communication, and public relations. In MicroBank Academy, users can find educational offers classified according to the stage their project is in, depending on whether their businesses are in the initial stages, growing or already consolidated.

In order to find out first-hand what the training needs of entrepreneurs are, MicroBank carried out a study based on more than 500 surveys and interviews with people who had received financial support from MicroBank to start their business. This analysis revealed the real needs of entrepreneurs, which made it possible to segment the packaged training offer by stage of the entrepreneurial venture. MicroBank plans to expand its content, launch new formats, and include lists of experts in specific fields.

With this initiative, MicroBank advances in its commitment to financial inclusion with an additional offering of non-financial services to help entrepreneurs and vulnerable groups to equip themselves with the tools to drive and consolidate their businesses.  MicroBank also reinforces its commitment to society by offering the courses free of charge and open to anyone, with no need to be a customer of the bank.

Sustainable banking

MicroBank offers solutions to different segments of the population whose financial needs are not sufficiently met. This plays a crucial role in the Sustainable Banking Plan, part of CaixaBank’s Strategic Plan, which entrusts it with promoting financial inclusion by providing vulnerable groups access to loans, as well as with enhancing its commitment to the country’s socio-economic development.

As the sole shareholder of MicroBank, CaixaBank has supported its social bank since its creation by giving it the funding required to grow its lending activity while marketing MicroBank products through CaixaBank’s extensive commercial network, with the aim of offering customers its entire range of products with the highest possible quality of service and the best possible relationship.

More than 270 entities throughout Spain also actively collaborate in granting the microcredits, contributing knowledge to the borrowers, in addition to advising on and monitoring the projects.

MicroBank also relies on the support of Europe’s leading institutions when it comes to promoting enterprise and microfinance, namely the European Investment Fund (EIF), the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) and the European Investment Bank (EIB).