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CaixaBank to identify its branches and work centres as Covid-19 safe spaces as certified by Applus+

This week sees the start of the rollout of new signage to over 4,000 branches located throughout Spain


• This certification guarantees that the company has implemented a comprehensive protocol of organisational and preventive measures in response to the current situation.

• The audit process has involved evaluating and verifying action protocols implemented by the financial institution in its branch network and corporate centres.

CaixaBank, Spain’s leading retail bank, has obtained the Covid-19 protocol certification granted by Applus+ Certification, which certifies that the entity chaired by Jordi Gual and directed by Gonzalo Gortázar has successfully introduced an exhaustive protocol of organisational and preventive measures in its corporate centres and branch network, the largest in the Spanish financial sector.

From next week, the new certification signage will start to be incorporated at CaixaBank branches (over 4,000 across Spain), displayed at the entrance of each branch to inform the public.

Since the start of the pandemic, CaixaBank has implemented preventive measures and action protocols in its health, safety, and well-being management system aimed at managing cases of coronavirus infection and resuming in-branch operations. These protocols have been assessed and verified by Applus+ with the advice of Quirón Prevención. The certification team conducted an exhaustive audit of its performance with visits to corporate buildings in several locations, including Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid, as well as to branches from the national network.

Obtaining this certification reinforces the effort made by CaixaBank to enable employees to return to work safely, while also demonstrating risk control and reducing incidents related to Covid-19. 

CaixaBank #WithYouMoreThanEver during the Covid-19 crisis

Since the start of the crisis provoked by the Covid-19 pandemic, CaixaBank, as a key service provider and leading retail network in the Spanish financial sector, has implemented an action plan to adapt to the new situation while maintaining its customer service and activity at all levels (i.e., branches, regional offices, and corporate services), in addition to employing the necessary preventive measures for all job positions: supply of masks, partitions at all customer-facing positions, distribution of gels, design of very early tracking and isolation procedures, customised medical follow-up in the event of possible cases, testing for employees who display symptoms or have been in contact with an infected person (even outside of the work environment), and regular, large-scale screening at all centres.

Thanks to these implemented measures and the commitment and hard work of the more than 35,000 employees of the CaixaBank Group, the company has maintained its operations at all times, while also managing to strengthen its role of supporting society. From March, under the slogan #ContigoMásQueNunca (WithYouMoreThanEver), CaixaBank has operated an extensive activity plan aimed at reducing the economic and social impact of the Covid-19 crisis, guaranteeing financing for companies and individuals, and responding to the needs of the most affected groups. As a socially responsible bank, CaixaBank is committed to finding the best possible solutions to reactivate the economy together.

Recently, CaixaBank received the “Excellence in Leadership in Western Europe 2020” award from British magazine Euromoney for its commitment to people and society in response to the Covid-19 crisis. The newly created Excellence in Leadership awards acknowledge the leading banks in the world that have shown their commitment towards being part of the global solution against the pandemic with measures and aids aimed at driving economic and social recovery.