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CaixaBank has been named "Best Bank in Spain" for the tenth consecutive year by Global Finance magazine

CaixaBank’s corporate building in Barcelona.

• CaixaBank has also been chosen as the "Best Bank in Western Europe 2024" by the US magazine.

• The Global Finance judging panel valued the bank's financial soundness and its commitment to society, demonstrated through its financing of families and businesses and the support it provides to vulnerable communities.


CaixaBank has been named "Best Bank in Spain" for the tenth consecutive year and ‘Best Bank in Western Europe" for the sixth time in the Best Bank Awards from US magazine, Global Finance.

The publication's editors singled out CaixaBank among banks in more than 150 countries after consulting with analysts, consultants, and banking sector executives around the world. Among other factors, the judges valued CaixaBank's financial soundness and its excellent liquidity position; as well as its commitment to society through its financing provided to families, businesses, and vulnerable communities. In addition to having highlighted its innovative services offering and its commitment to establishing close relationships with its customers, thanks to its extensive network of branches across the country, complemented by 18 mobile offices (“ofibuses”) that provide services in municipalities at risk of financial exclusion.

For José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, CaixaBank’s Chairman, "these international awards bolster our leadership position in Spain and our differential banking model, a model that strives to be close to people for everything that matters. This means being close to families and businesses by meeting their financial needs through our activity, while also striving to ensure financial inclusion, supporting vulnerable communities, and maintaining our commitment to our society's climate transition." He concludes: “this award acknowledges the work carried out by everyone within the CaixaBank Group, bolsters our commitment to achieve the objectives established in our 2022-2024 Strategic Plan and reinvigorates us to keep working to lead the transformation of the banking sector in Spain”.

Furthermore, Gonzalo Gortazar, CaixaBank's CEO, points out that: “These acknowledgements are the result of an excellent financial year in terms of commercial dynamism, credit quality and financial strength, which have allowed us to remain close to our customers, fulfil our social purpose and substantially increase returns to our shareholders and, in particular, the Welfare Projects of “la Caixa” Foundation. This financial year would not have been possible without CaixaBank's excellent team, defined by its great service vocation and a clear common objective of helping and accompanying our customers and contributing to the advancement of society as a whole”.

The Best Bank Awards, which have been running for 31 years, honour the best banks in the world which stand out for their leadership and the innovation of their products and services, among other aspects. The winners are chosen in a selection process that takes into account both qualitative aspects, with the help of opinions from experts and sector consultants, and quantitative factors, including business growth and profitability.

Joseph D. Giarraputo, founder and editorial director of the Global Finance magazine has noted that “the financial sector has reached another turning point with the debut of generative artificial intelligence, which promises to rewrite the way banking is conducted. In this ever-changing environment, the Best Bank Awards honour financial institutions that offer the greatest catalogue of services, long-term reliability, and technological innovation”.

Sound earnings and sustainable balance sheet

CaixaBank's income statement for 2023 reflects the Group's financial soundness, with significant growth in all its margins, in a context of standardisation of interest rates and with some very positive commercial dynamics.

The bank's year-round activity has remained solid, thanks to its extensive range of products and services designed to meet the needs of each type of customer, as reflected in the increasing figures for customer balances (+3.1% in the year) and the growth in the production of protection insurance policies (+7% in 2023).

The bank also managed to end the year with high levels of liquidity and solvency. Total liquid assets amounted to €160.2 billion at year-end, up by €21.19 billion compared to the previous year, and the CET1 capital ratio stood at 12.4%.

Financial strength to support customers and society

CaixaBank's positive earnings for 2023 and its financial might have enabled the bank to boost its commitment to its shareholders and continue to support households and businesses in their financial needs. Along these lines, CaixaBank fulfils a basic social function and will continue to support society in three main areas: aid for mortgage customers in difficulty; financial inclusion; and social initiatives.

Indeed, in 2023, CaixaBank granted more than 280,000 loans and other forms of financing to businesses and 80,000 mortgages to families. On the other hand, since the rise in interest rates, the bank has managed more than 30,000 refinancing transactions, switches from floating rate to fixed rate mortgages, and adherence to the Code of Good Mortgage Practices. The bank also has more than 10,000 social housing units and around 360,000 customers with social or basic accounts. MicroBank, CaixaBank's social bank, ended 2023 with the arrangement of 144,473 financing transactions with social impact valued at €1,400 million.

Furthermore, on 3 April, the bank paid out a dividend of €0.3919 per share against 2023 earnings, a 70% increase compared to the €0.2303 paid out from the previous financial period. In total, the bank distributed a dividend of €2.89 billion, of which a significant part will revert directly back to the community, either through the Welfare Projects carried out by “la Caixa” Foundation or directly to the State, through the FROB (Spanish Fund for Orderly Bank Restructuring). In addition, the bank has more than 590,000 shareholders, the vast majority of whom are minority shareholders.

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