Press release

CaixaBank launches programme to detect young talent and bring on board professionals with great potential at the start of their career

Gonzalo Gortázar and Jordi Gual

• The initiative's participants, who will take part in the company's corporate projects, have passed a demanding recruitment process entered by 2,300 candidates from across Spain.

• All those selected have a good academic record, a high level of English, and key skills such as an innovative approach, communications skills, or self-motivation and self-leadership capabilities.

A total of 34 qualified young people have joined CaixaBank, Spain’s leading retail bank, in the framework of the first edition of the New Graduate Talent Program for attracting talent.

The company, headed by chairman Jordi Gual and chief executive officer Gonzalo Gortázar, has launched the initiative with the aim of detecting professionals with high potential at the outset of their career, and offering them the chance to take part in key projects in the company's corporate services.

The challenge of seeking out future banking leaders

The young people selected have passed a demanding recruitment process entered by 2,300 candidates from across Spain, which took place throughout the first six months of 2020. The process included various kinds of tests, video and dynamic presentations, some of which were of an innovative nature and specifically crafted to assess key skills, such as innovation, creativity, and analytical thinking.

The profiles of those recruited feature, on the one hand, young people with qualifications and skills to be expert professionals in commercial banking, with a special talent for innovation, who are customer-oriented, and have qualifications chiefly focused on the likes of Business Administration and Management, and Economics.  On the other hand, several of the candidates chosen have STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) qualifications, and an interest for gaining an understanding of the banking sector and taking part in digital transformation projects.

All of them have a good academic record, a high level of English, good communications skills, an innovative approach, and a large capacity for self-motivation and self-leadership.

For the company, this programme enables it to bring on board young people for projects in which the contribution of new visions and approaches is key, such as areas linked to technology, innovation and development of the user experience.

Similarly, through this programme, the company commits to contributing to training future banking professionals. The participants of the New Graduate Talent Program will be connected to the financial institution for a two-year period and they will have a highly competitive remuneration package compared to the usual market conditions.