Press release

Luis Javier Blas Agüeros, CaixaBank's new executive director of resources

Luis Javier Blas Agüeros, CaixaBank's new executive director of resources

• He replaces Jordi Fontanals, who has planned to take early retirement shortly, after handing over all his functions to the new executive.


CaixaBank's Board of Directors has appointed Luis Javier Blas Agüeros as the new Resources executive director. The until now Head of Engineering & Data at BBVA Spain and member of its Management Committee has extensive experience in the financial sector, where he focused on business process transformation and, particularly, on the bank's digital transformation in the past 20 years.

Luis Javier Blas Agüeros will become a member of CaixaBank's Management Committee replacing Jordi Fontanals, who will continue his role as executive director over the next months, sharing his experience and knowledge to ensure a complete handover of all his functions.

Jordi Fontanals joined “la Caixa” in 1976 and, since then, has held different positions of responsibility in the IT Services area until he was appointed executive director of resources in 2011. He has been a member of CaixaBank’s Management Committee since July 2014.

CaixaBank is the leading financial group in retail banking in Spain and one of the most important in Portugal. It has 15.6 million customers in the Iberian market and boasts the peninsula's leading business network.

Technology and digitisation are key in the company's business model, which has the largest base of digital customers in Spain (6.3 million). In addition, CaixaBank has developed landmark technology projects in the sector, such as the creation of the first ATMs that allow users to withdraw cash through facial recognition and without having to enter their PIN –a project chosen as one of the Technological Projects of the Year in the Tech Project Awards by The Banker magazine.