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Financial Training

Financial Training

CaixaBank, aware of the importance of improving financial knowledge of the population, tries to contribute to the training on the basics of financial reality.

  • It is one of the institutions participating in the Financial Education Plan, promoted by the CNMV (the regulatory body of the Spanish Stock Market) and the Bank of Spain.

Access to the Financial Education Plan. CNMV and Bank of Spain (in Spanish)

For those who are even younger CaixaBank has created “Aprende a ahorrar” an interactive game to help parents teach their children to save. This application is available for free in the CaixaBank app store.

  • The “Aula, training for Shareholders” initiative provides the CaixaBank's shareholders with tools and content to increase their knowledge of financial markets and the state of the economy.

    The initiative includes activities such as conferences on stock market issues and guides and dictionaries with useful content for anyone interested in investing in the stock market. It also allows for collaboration with top-level finance and market educational institutions.

Access to Aula