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Responsible initiatives for companies

One of the main objectives of the corporate responsibility policy of CaixaBank is to extend responsible principles and practices into the heart of society, so as to advance together towards progress in social and environmental questions. For this reason, CaixaBank disseminates and promotes the adoption of corporate responsibility programs among the business community.

Corporate responsibility for companies

Jointly with the “la Caixa” Foundation, it offers interested companies the opportunity of taking part in responsible initiatives:

  • Worldwide: Business Alliance for Child Vaccination

Business Alliance for Child Vaccination

The Business Alliance for Child Vaccination is a campaign organized by ”la Caixa” directed at those companies that, through their social responsibility programs, want to collaborate with the GAVI Alliance, an international alliance combating child mortality in the 72 poorest countries on Earth.

The GAVI Alliance works for vaccination and immunization of children aged under five, to contribute to the achievement of the fourth United Nations Millennium Goal: the reduction by two-thirds of child mortality by 2015.

Further information:

”la Caixa” Group, through its Foundation, has  made a contribution to the GAVI Alliance of EUR 16 million in the 2008-2013 period. Besides, CaixaBank places its network of branches at the disposal of interested companies who want to join the Alliance.

The ”la Caixa” Foundation, through its International Cooperation program, monitors the vaccination programs regularly and guarantees that all the contributions of the companies taking part are used in full on child vaccination. Subsequently, it reports on this to the other members of the Business Alliance.

  • Within Spain: the Integration into Work Program

Incorpora Employment Programme

The aim of the Integration into Work Programme is to integrate people at risk of social marginalisation into society and work. It does this by offering them employment opportunities through a network of job development professionals, created in collaboration with social entities and associations belonging to Incorpora.



Training programs and job placement itineraries are conducted for people at risk of social marginalization, such as:

  • Young people with special difficulties in finding their first job.
  • People aged over 45 without job experience.
  • People with a physical, intellectual or sensory disability.
  • People with mental illnesses.
  • The long-term unemployed.
  • Women who are victims of domestic violence.

How it works:

Job placement officers offer the program to companies and business associations, with the support of CaixaBank and its branch network. Interested companies are offered assistance prior to hiring, such as the choice of professional profiles, and subsequent follow-up if the job contract is then signed.


Since the start of the program in 2006, until the end of 2013:

  • Over 26,000 companies have joined the program.
  • 329 accords signed with business groups and 6,412 with companies.
  • 213,474 people attended to by social entities of the Integration into Work groups.
  • More than 67,000 jobs filled.
  • 70% of the people integrated were people at risk of marginalization.

Further information

The CaixaBank Chair 

The CaixaBank Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance shares the same commitment as CaixaBank and IESE of fomenting, promoting and disseminating new knowledge about corporate social responsibility in an academic context and as applied to business administration and the training of managers and entrepreneurs.

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The CaixaBank Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance

The holder of the Chair is Prof. Antonio Argandoña, Professor of Economics and Business Ethics. By means of the Chair, CaixaBank and the IESE want to contribute to the diffusion among the business community of innovative ideas arising in the setting of corporate responsibility, particularly in relation to the training of directors and businesspersons, as well as rewarding continuous innovation in the question, from both a practical and theoretical standpoint.

The Chair is responsible for a series of informative activities that include, among others, 4 notes per year, the production of diverse publications, organizing conferences and round table discussions, participating in congresses as well as developing different research projects.

Further information about the Chair

External initiatives

Moreover, it is attached to many alliances and initiatives, the objective of which is to progress in questions of corporate responsibility and the exchange of good practices in this sphere.
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