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Entrepreneurial support

Promoting the entrepreneurial spirit and individual initiative is the best way to bring about economic growth and community development. This is why one of the priorities of CaixaBank’s management policies is to support viable entrepreneurial initiatives.

The bank works to support entrepreneurs so that they can make their business project a reality as one of the ways of strengthening the business fabric of the country, encouraging innovation and productivity and favoring job creation.

With this objective it makes different instruments available to you:

EmprenedorXXI Program

CaixaBank has developed different instruments that help entrepreneurs, according to their project, to obtain financing and assessment in order to define, promote and consolidate their businesses.

  • EmprenedorXXI Prize

With this prize, CaixaBank encourages the entrepreneurial spirit and recognizes innovative projects with a high growth potential.

The projects chosen accede to a series of actions involving training, internationalization and incubation that are considered useful for setting a business project into motion.

Further information

  • Specific programs for creating companies

CaixaBank promotes the creation of innovative companies and with an eye to the future of sectors that make research undertaken in universities and research centers reach the market by means of diverse programs:

Financing instruments

- MicroBank, the social bank of CaixaBank and its microloans for businesses

Its microcredits for entrepreneurs facilitate business creation or expansion. And its microcredits for social enterprises support entrepreneurs or microenterprises that wish to meet social needs.

- CaixaEmpresa, a wide-ranging offer of products and services for business projects

Entrepreneurs and enterprises can find a large offering of products and services for business projects.

- Caixa Capital Risc, ”la Caixa” Group’s venture-capital risk management company

Caixa Capital Risc, ”la Caixa” Group’s venture-capital risk management company, has four investment vehicles:

- Caixa Innvierte Industria, for minority shareholdings in industrial SMEs with a clear-cut technological and internationalization focus
- Caixa Capital BioMed, for biotechnology and medical-technology companies
- Caixa Capital TIC, for investments in software, mobility and Internet companies
- Caixa Capital Micro, which makes small contributions to entrepreneur projects.

Between 2004 and 2014, the management company invested €51.8 million in 150 companies.

Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in schools

The “la Caixa” Group, through its “la Caixa” Foundation , is conducting an educational program in schools with Junior Achievement, the Kit Caixa Youth Entrepreneurship. The project gives students between ages 15 and 19 the opportunity to create and learn how to manage their own enterprise and to experience the enterprise's entire lifecycle from the writing of the bylaws to the marketing of their product.

The objective is to foster an entrepreneurial spirit among school-age children and young people in order to prepare them to face their own challenges and undertake their own projects in the future, contributing to economic development and job creation in Spain. The CaixaBank team, through the “la Caixa” Associations of Volunteers, is also taking part in this initiative, helping with the formation of young people in schools.

The project also includes Educational Capsules on entrepreneurial education, available to all schools in Spain through the eduCaixa portal of “la Caixa” Foundation.

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