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Socially Responsible Banking Model

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Socially Responsible Banking Plan

CaixaBank has a socially responsible banking model based on the pursuit of sustainable profitability and a management approach that embodies its corporate values: quality, trust and social commitment.

Access to Corporate Policy on Corporate Social Responsibility

CaixaBank is working to be recognised as a benchmark institution with unrivalled levels of service, highly ethical conduct and best governance and management practices.

The Bank has always remained true to its social calling of championing savings, pensions and other forms of welfare, as well as financial inclusion and active policies to address pressing social issues, with a strong commitment that goes beyond financial activity.

The aim is to further entrench its model of social and responsible banking, rooted in proximity and commitment to its stakeholders: customers, shareholders, employees and society at large.

Discover what makes CaixaBank different here and access the corporate presentation on Socially Responsible Banking via the following link.

Master Plan for Socially Responsible Banking

The Bank has an action plan in place featuring five priority courses of action:

  • Integrity, transparency and diversity: to strengthen and enhance its responsible activity
  • Governance: to ensure the best possible model of governance
  • Environment: to help combat climate change
  • Financial inclusion: to remain true to its founding values
  • Social action and volunteering: to respond to pressing social and community challenges

The plan complies with ESG criteria (Environmental • Social • Governance)