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Corporate responsibility

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Business ethics

Business ethics

All members of CaixaBank’s human team have the unavoidable obligation of basing their conduct on good faith, integrity and common sense.

CaixaBank’s Code of Business and Ethics, Human Rights policy and Action policy in anti-corruption matters include the values, principles and rules that have to be respected both in internal professional relationships within the company and in external ones with customers, shareholders, suppliers and the general public in all areas where it is present.

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CaixaBank manages its tax duties according to the principles of transparency with stakeholders, due diligence and cooperation with tax authorities and tax fulfilment according to value creation and economic substance.

This responsible tax behaviour is aligned with the values and legacy of CaixaBank, a company tightly committed to contribute to sustainable development and socioeconomic progress in those communities where it operates.

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CaixaBank abides by the highest standard of respect for the fundamental rights of personal data protection and safeguards the confidentialiy of the information it processes. These are main pillars underpinning trust, a core value of its activity.

All employees must ensure confidentiality of the personal data of customers, suppliers and colleagues.

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The employees of CaixaBank collaborate discreetly, but actively, in prevention of money laundering and receive training courses on their responsibilities in the question.


The entity has a Transparency Committee to ensure products are marketed appropriately. This body determines all transparency-related aspects of the design and marketing of financial instruments, banking products and savings and investment plans.

CaixaBank also has a Product Committee, which reports to the Transparency Committee. This committee is responsible for approving any new products or services designed and/or marketed by the entity, subsequent to analysing the characteristics of each product, any associated risks and compliance with customer protection and transparency rules.

The entity is also a voluntary member of the Association for Commercial Self-Regulation which promotes best advertising practices.

MiFID Regulation (in Spanish)

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