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Corporate responsibility

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Corporate Volunteering

Corporate Volunteering

CaixaBank supports the solidarity concerns of its employees and, so that they can contribute to the development of solidarity initiatives, places various programs at their disposal.

Corporate Volunteer Programme

This offers employees, people who took early retirement and retired employees of CaixaBank, along with their families and friends, the possibility of working with the various Volunteer Associations of "la Caixa".

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Corporate volunteer work

Over 6,600 people are involved with one of the 42 Associations

These associations, present in every province of Spain, have the economic support of the “la Caixa” Foundation, which also gives them advice and guidance.

Each association of volunteers, within its area, whether local or provincial, chooses for itself:

  • The non-profit organizations with which it works.
  • The volunteer activities to be developed.

Activities carried out by the associations:

  • Attending children in the Hospital CiberCaixa.
  • Play and sports activities with children at risk of marginalization.
  • Classes of integration and Spanish for immigrants and school support classes for children of immigrants.
  • Accompanying disabled people on visits to sports and cultural facilities.
  • Collaborating in play and sports activities for children with physical and mental limitations.
  • Computer classes for the elderly and for people with intellectual impairment.
  • Environmental actions: tree planting, cleaning beaches and river banks.
  • Volunteer work for social entities on administrative tasks, accountancy and legal questions.
  • CooperantsCaixa: volunteer work for international cooperation, in business and financial issues.
  • In schools, it provides guidance to students within the KitCaixa Youth Entrepreneurship program.
  • It sponsors young people who are entering the job market.

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Employee in Solidarity Programme

For employees who want to donate money towards developing the projects of an NGO.

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Employee in Solidarity Programme

Employees with less time available can take part in the Employee in Solidarity Program, with a monthly donation, deducted directly from the pay-slip, to the financing of various NGO projects.

Currently, employees can choose between:

  • The Integration into Work program of the Red Cross, devoted to integrating into work women who have been victims of
    gender violence.
  • The Child Vaccination Project of the GAVI Alliance, devoted to immunizing children in poor countries as an instrument to fight poverty.
  • The Project to train entrepreneur women from peasant organizations in Ecuador, promoted by the Foundation MCCH, Maquita Cushunchic.
  • The Food Banks Project, to help feed people who lack economic resources for their most basic necessities.

The “la Caixa” Foundation, through its International Cooperation Area, monitors the projects and safeguards the destination of the contributions made.


To promote these initiatives, there is a Solidarity Space on the corporate intranet. This contains information on these programs as well as on other more specific actions, concerning humanitarian catastrophes, which employees can support. Staff can register on the programs from this space, making the procedure easier and quicker.