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Workplace Health and Welfare

Workplace Health and Welfare

Employee satisfaction is the key to achieving a good working atmosphere and motivated and committed teams.


  • Social Benefits

CaixaBank has a broad range of job advantages and benefits that lead to greater welfare for its employees.

Among the benefits, applied to all staff, are:

  • Contributions to pension plans
  • Health Insurance
  • Economic assistance for study and paid complements for children and for other eventualities
  • Life and accident insurance
  • Advantageous loan conditions
  • Health and Safety at Work

CaixaBank has a broad set of work advantages and benefits that result in a better well-being of the people that work for the bank.

CaixaBank’s fundamental asset is its work-force, which is why it is essential to guarantee their safety and maintain their health, regardless of where they work.

A Health and Safety Committee has the mission of providing secure and healthy working surroundings and of carrying out tasks of vigilance and improvement of Health and Safety, concretized in the establishment of a General System of Prevention of Risks at Work.

This system is periodically reviewed through various kinds of inspection:

  • External compulsory inspection: every four years, in line with the legislation in force, or should it be required by the labor authorities.
  • Voluntary control and monitoring inspection, occurring yearly.
  • OHSAS 18001 Inspection, an international specification that certifies the excellence of its preventive system.

Every employee receives training and information on health and safety at work and on possible emergency situations. In addition, in preparation for these possible incidents, the persons who would be in charge are designated.

The Health Vigilance Protocol specifies regular medical examinations. It also provides preventive information on several illnesses, such as hypertension, which can be consulted on the corporate intranet.

CaixaBank employs security measures to minimize the risks of attack and robbery. These measures, strengthened in what are considered high-risk areas, are regularly reviewed.

Some of the measures taken are:

  • Equipment installed to capture and record digital images
  • Non-access door in security area
  • Provision of automatic cash dispensers and recyclers
  • Individual control of access to branch offices by an arc metal detector
  • Preventive awareness campaigns and information to the workforce

The bank has an action protocol to confront the risk of bank robbery or assult to protect the people involved in any such situation in three ways: preventively and during and after the event.

The company has performed a psychosocial risk assessment of its workforce with the aim of detecting areas for improvement that will subsequently be managed via a follow-up action plan and indicators.

 Access to the Occupational Health and Safety Policy

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