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Corporate responsibility

Our approach

Communication and stakeholder engagement

CaixaBank interacts with the people and groups in the regions where it carries out its activities, adhering to the criteria of proximity, transparency and active listening. The bank strives to generate trust and favours long-term relationships.

  • It has communication practices which guarantee that the information supplied is clear, rigorous, true and appropriate
    as well as complying with prevailing legislation and best market practice.
  • The bank encourages opinion sharing and open, constructive and continuous dialogue with its stakeholders to ascertain their opinions and expectations, ensure that these are taken into account in the decision-making processes
    and offer balanced responses.

With this in mind, the bank has implemented various formal and informal mechanisms to allow it to maintain an orderly relationship with its stakeholders and improve mutual understanding.

The bank has developed specific platforms and channels for its various stakeholders. These are managed by the different areas and departments as frequently as necessary and appropriate. 

Main communication and dialogue channels

StakeholderMain communication and dialogue channels
StakeholderMain communication and dialogue channels
Shareholders and
StakeholderMain communication and dialogue channels
  • Mixed committees with employee representatives
  • Dialogue with union representatives.
  • Confidential whistle-blowing channel
  • Bi-annual work-place climate survey and follow-up surveys
  • CanalCaixa internal magazine
  • “Employees” section on intranet
  • Executive strategic news channel
  • Virtaula e-learning portal
  • Valora efficiency platform
  • Inspíranos innovation platform
  • Innova online platform
  • Conecta network space
  • Call center
  • Management Development Centre
  • Training School
StakeholderMain communication and dialogue channels
StakeholderMain communication and dialogue channels