Corporate responsibility

Responsible solutions

Excellence in service

In 2018, CaixaBank successfully renewed its European Seal of Excellence 500+ from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) by earning a score of over 650 points.

Achieving service excellence is the main challenge for CaixaBank as a responsible bank and one of its hallmarks. All its actions ultimately respond to the needs of customers and are there to ensure continuous improvement in quality.

  • Responsible products 

CaixaBank manages its business and products and services within the framework of its commitment to respecting people and local communities. It provides regular support to sustainable initiatives and projects through products such as:


  • Good practices 

CaixaBank is adhered to the Code of Good Practices of the Spanish Government for the viable restructuring of debts secured with mortgage collateral on the primary home, which seeks to protect low income customers with a mortgage.

Meanwhile, the mediation agreement with the Government of Catalonia has been in place since 2012 to help prevent evictions.


  • Innovation 

CaixaBank pursues constant innovation, investing in research, development and innovation (R&D&I) and getting its employees involved in improving operational processes and designing products.

The Bank has an Innovation and Digital Transformation area that fosters acceleration, digitalisation and customer orientation across all areas and departments.

CaixaBank has earned numerous international awards and accolades, making it a benchmark for innovation around the world.


  • Quality: surveys 

For CaixaBank, quality of service means satisfying the expectations of customers, an objective that is perfectly aligned with our mission and values while allowing us to deliver efficient and sustainable results.

One of the channels we use to deliver on our service excellence objectives is to ask customers to complete feedback surveys. We also offer them a variety a mechanisms so they can communicate their expectations to us and, more importantly, so we can then respond to those expectations.

Knowing and weighing the opinions of customers
We field 25,000 surveys a month to gauge the feedback of customers when it comes to CaixaBank products and services and any other topics considered relevant.