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Financial inclusion

Financial inclusion

CaixaBank has a broad product offering, differentiated according to each type of market segment. In addition, through MicroBank, its social bank, it offers products and services for groups at risk of financial exclusion.

Moreover, it strives to attain the greatest possible accessibility so that the largest possible number of persons may benefit from its products.


One of the institution's goals is to promote access to the financial markets by persons and groups whose profile excludes them from going through customary marketing channels.

It was in response to this desire to serve a large number of social groups that MicroBank, CaixaBank's social bank, was created.

MicroBank has developed a product and service portfolio in line with the needs of these groups and persons.

Who is it for?

MicroBank heads on one side to people with limited financial resources and the other vulnerable groups.

What are your goals?

  • Encourage productive activity and job creation
  • Help improve personal and family welfare.

MicroBank operates through the branch network of CaixaBank.

It has received recognition from the European Parliament and has the support of various European institutions like the European Investment Fund and the Development Bank of the Council of Europe, two expressions of support that have contributed to consolidate its career as a European social bank reference.

Access to MicroBank


CaixaBank understands accessibility in a broad sense, which means not only offering its customers the largest possible number of channels to access its products and services but also working to ensure that these channels can be used by the largest possible number of persons.

It is thus working to eliminate any physical and sensorial barriers that may prevent persons with disabilities from accessing it facilities or its products and services

For further information

CaixaBank is taking part in the ASPSIS4all program, whose purpose is to develop the technologies needed so that all people, whatever their needs and preferences may be, can independently operate self-service terminals, such as ATMs.

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