Corporate responsibility


Environmental Strategy

CaixaBank believes it is essential to speed up the transition towards a low-carbon economy that champions sustainable development and is socially inclusive. Therefore, it has an Environmental Strategy and works systematically to help achieve this transition by reducing the direct impact of its operations and by financing and investing in sustainable projects.



The Board of Directors is the most senior authority when it comes to establishing the Bank's business strategies, risk strategy and risk management policies, including the management of environmental issues. It is aided in its endeavours by the delegate Risks and Appointments Committees.

CaixaBank has two committees under the supervision of the Management Committee, both tasked with coordinating the implementation of the Bank's environmental strategy: the Environmental Risk Management Committee and the Corporate Responsibility and Reputation Committee, which in turn oversees the Environment Committee.


Climate change is one of the main challenges the planet faces, impacting the environment, business and the economy. It is a source of physical hazards and of transition risks, as well as opportunities for countries, business and people. In this context, here at CaixaBank we believe it is essential to speed up the transition to a low-carbon economy, promoting sustainable and socially-inclusive development.

Financial institutions have a key role to play in implementing the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals both directly through their own operations and indirectly through relationships with customers, investee companies, commercial partners and the value chain.

The aim is to help facilitate the transition to a just and low-carbon economy, while supporting sustainable economic development and growth in society.

Read the full Statement on CaixaBank approach to climate change: