Corporate responsibility

Financial inclusion

Promoting financial inclusion is in the CaixaBank DNA and one of its strategic priorities. CaixaBank views inclusion from the following perspective:

  • Access to financial services through microfinances and its social bank MicroBank.
  • A presence in most municipalities across the country through our extensive branch network.
  • Implementing physical accessibility measures and cutting-edge technology for groups with physical and cognitive difficulties.
  • Contribution to the improvement of financial culture.


The social bank, fully owned by CaixaBank, considered a benchmark microfinance provider, has extended its operations into finance that has a social impact.

Since 2007, through CaixaBank's branch network, it has offered financial products and services that are especially adapted to the needs of entrepreneurs, microenterprises and families, with the aim of contributing to job creation, productive activity, personal and family development, and financial inclusion.

Figures 2019

  • 99,328 microcredits and other finance with a social impact granted
  • 724.8 million euros total
  • 20,174 jobs 
  • 9,002 new businesses
  • 612 collaborating entities

Access to MicroBank