Corporate responsibility

Financial inclusion

Promoting financial inclusion is in the CaixaBank DNA and one of its strategic priorities. CaixaBank views inclusion from the following perspective:

  • Access to financial services through microfinances and its social bank MicroBank.
  • A presence in most municipalities across the country through our extensive branch network.
  • Implementing physical accessibility measures and cutting-edge technology for groups with physical and cognitive difficulties.
  • Contribution to the improvement of financial culture.

CaixaBank is aware of the importance of strengthening the financial knowledge of the population so individuals can make better decisions and thus improve their well-being.

The bank drives and participates in various initiatives that help to improve financial knowledge of children and young people, vulnerable groups, customers, shareholders and all of society:

  • Digital channels
  • Publications
  • Face-to-face training
    • Basic personal finance workshops for at-risk groups
    • DialogA, talks on basic finances and digitisation for customers
    • Courses and materials on economy and finances for shareholders – Aula
    • IESE course for micro-employers                    
    • CaixaBank Futuro meetings on savings and pension schemes
  • Lectureships
    • CaixaBank corporate social responsibility lectureship with the IESE Business School to promote and disseminate the principles and responsible practices of companies in the social and environmental fields.
    • Agrobank lectureship, in collaboration with the University of Lleida, with the aim of promoting the transmission of scientific and technical knowledge within the academic institution and sector professionals.
    • The "la Caixa” Economy and Society lectureship to foster academic initiatives on the matters that interest and concern current society.
  • CaixaBank Research, whose mission is to create and disseminate knowledge related to the economy and society within and without CaixaBank.

Additionally, CaixaBank is one of the participants in the Financial Education Plan, promoted by the CNMV and the Bank of Spain.