Corporate responsibility

Financial inclusion

Promoting financial inclusion is in the CaixaBank DNA and one of its strategic priorities. CaixaBank views inclusion from the following perspective:

  • Access to financial services through microfinances and its social bank MicroBank.
  • A presence in most municipalities across the country through our extensive branch network.
  • Implementing physical accessibility measures and cutting-edge technology for groups with physical and cognitive difficulties.
  • Contribution to the improvement of financial culture.

CaixaBank understands accessibility in a broad sense, which means not only offering its customers the largest possible number of channels to access its products and services but also working to ensure that these channels can be used by the largest possible number of persons.

It is thus working to eliminate any physical and sensorial barriers that may prevent persons with disabilities from accessing it facilities or its products and services

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  • 93% of branches are now fully accessible
  • 99% of ATMs are fully accessible
  • 100% of ATMs have sign language videos

Clear interface that can be customised for the elderly and the non-tech savvy.

CaixaBank is taking part in the ASPSIS4all program, whose purpose is to develop the technologies needed so that all people, whatever their needs and preferences may be, can independently operate self-service terminals, such as ATMs.

Likewise, CaixaBank applies accessibility criteria to all its mobile apps to facilitate their use by individuals with a full or partial visual impairment. For example, adjusting the browsing experience to voice screen readers or the design of screens that use high colour contrast and accessible font sizes.

Inclusion of digital biometrics and facial recognition at ATMs.

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