Corporate responsibility


CR and Reputation Committee

CR and Reputation Committee

Corporate Responsibility underlies both the CaixaBank’s day-to-day administration and its general strategy. Given its transversal character, it affects every area. It is based on the principles of transparency and good practice that are the main elements in good corporate governance.

In its development and as a corporate commitment, it relies on the support and involvement of Senior Management and all other members of the organization.

In addition, as an example of its importance to CaixaBank, a body with specific functions on the question has been set up: the Corporate Responsibility and Reputation Committee, which is in charge of defining, implementing and overseeing its Corporate Responsibility policies.

The Committee is first level as it is a delegated body reporting to the Management Committee and is linked to the Management Committee through its Chairman.

Functions and objectives

The Committee is responsible for:

  • Conduct the planning of the entity's corporate accountability strategy and assess its degree of compliance.
  • Inform the Global Risk Committee and submit proposals of policies for managing corporate accountability and reputational risk to the Management Committee.
  • Coordinate and/or approve different initiatives in reputation management and in the deployment of the Socially Responsible Banking Plan approved by the Board of Directors, concerning topics of transparency, integrity, diversity, governance, the environment, social inclusion and social action/voluntary work.
  • Identify and carry out the follow-up of existing and future opportunities and reputational risks.

Members and meetings

There are two Corporate Responsibility and Reputation Committees:

  • The CaixaBank Committee meets monthly and is made up of managers from different areas of the company: Communication, Corporate Accountability, Investor Relations, Risks, Business, Legal Advisory, Office of the General Secretary, Regulatory Compliance, Human Resources, Public Affairs, Financial Accounting, Control and Capital, and Resources, among others.
  • The CaixaBank Group Committee meets quarterly and is formed by the Group's main companies and some areas of CaixaBank.

The decisions and policies adopted by the Committee are implemented with the support of all its members. Despite this, concrete management goals can be delegated to a particular member, depending on his/her specific responsibilities.