Corporate responsibility


Corporate Responsibility and Reputation Committee

Corporate Responsibility and Reputation Committee

Corporate social responsibility can be found in the background of the daily management of the bank and its global strategy and, due to its transversal nature, has an impact on all areas. It is based on the principles of transparency and good practices which preside over good corporate governance.

It has the support and involvement of senior management and other members of the organisation in its development, and as a corporate commitment.

As an indicator of its importance to the bank, there is a body with specific duties:

Corporate Responsibility and Reputation Committee: it is responsible for defining, implementing and supervising the corporate responsibility policies, as well as other matters. The Committee is a first level delegated body reporting to the Management Committee and is linked to the Management Committee via the Chairman's Office. Its mission is to contribute to making CaixaBank recognised for its excellent reputation, strengthening its position through its model as a socially responsible bank.

Functions and objectives of the Corporate Responsibility and Reputation Committee:

  • Plan the entity's corporate responsibility strategy and assess its degree of compliance.
  • Report to the Global Risk Committee and submit policy proposals to the Management Committee to manage corporate responsibility and reputational risk.
  • Ensure coherence between policies and their transfer to rules and protocols for the bank's day-to-day activities.
  • Coordinate and/or approve different initiatives in reputation management and in the deployment of the Socially Responsible Banking Plan approved by the Board of Directors, concerning topics of transparency, integrity, diversity, governance, the environment, social inclusion and social action/voluntary work.
  • Validate the fairness of the non-financial indicators in relation to the environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG), that may have a direct impact on the bank's reputation.
  • Sanction any exceptions covered by the Corporate Policy for Relations with the Defence sector.
  • Regularly monitor the results and action plan for improvement of the Global Reputation Index as an indicator of the Strategic Plan and the Reputational risk appetite framework (RAF).
  • Periodically review the situation and performance of the reputational risk profile of the bank and report to the Global Risk Committee and the Risks Committee.

Meetings and composition:

  • The CaixaBank Corporate Responsibility and Reputation Committee meets monthly and is made up of managers from different areas of the bank: Communication, Institutional Relations, Brand and CSR, General Secretariat and the Board, Legal Advisory, Office of the Chairman and Public Affairs, Regulatory Compliance, Social Projects Network, Retail and Business BU, CIB & International Banking, Solutions and Collections, Management of Environmental Risks, Non-financial Risks, Investor Relations, Resources, HR, Financial Accounting, Financial Management and Capital and Internal Audit.
  • The CaixaBank Subsidiaries Coordination Group meets quarterly and is made up of the Group's main companies and some areas of CaixaBank.