Corporate responsibility

Diversity and equal opportunities

Reinforce women's role CaixaBank knows that talent development and equal opportunities is a key driver of leadership in any company.
Involve and raise awareness among Diversity and equality are part of CaixaBank's culture. The creation of the programme Wengage comes in addition to other lines of action carrrried out by CaixaBank to promote gender equality and reinforce women's role in the company and society. The initiative has two aspects to it: an internal aspect, with a series of actions aimed at increasing the number and the visibility of women in managerial positions and promoting talent and professional development; and an external aspect, with activities aimed at the general public to spread awareness of equal opportunities and the value of diversity.
Visualise diversity Wengage is part of CaixaBank's Diversity Plan, which seeks to foster diversity in all its forms, including functional and generational diversity in addition to gender diversity.
Internal actions inclue women's mentoring plans and women's management training programmes. Wengage also promotes measures that foster a better work-life balance and allow men and women to fit their professional development into their personal and family life.
At present, 40% of CaixaBank managers are women.

In society

Leadership and entrepreneurship


CaixaBank Women in Business Awards
Businesswomen with a recognised professional career in Spain.
Awards excellence of female students of STEM, in partnership with Microsoft

Innovation and education

CaixaBank stages conferences and debates on diversity in its branch network. Lectures already given include:

  • Mother and professional, the best of both worlds
  • Financial literacy in the family
  • Live and teach from equality
  • Sports win with equality
  • Equality as an organisational culture
  • New generations: Equality as a project


The Wengage programme also entails initiatives related to sports, including sponsorship by CaixaBank to Spain's women's national football and basketball teams