Corporate responsibility

Socially Responsible Banking Model


Sustainable Development Goals

Given its size and social commitment, CaixaBank contributes to all SDGs through its activity, social initiatives
and strategic alliances.

The entity integrates all 17 United Nations SDGs in its Strategic Plan
and Socially Responsible Banking Plan, in addition to contributing transversally to all of them.

CaixaBank Group contribution to SDGs

CaixaBank focuses chiefly on the 4 Priority SDGs that are central to the entity's mission: To contribute to
the financial wellbeing of our customers and the progress of society as a whole.

The 4 Priority SDGs are interrelated with the remaining SDGs, with CaixaBank contributing to all of the goals
thanks to its transversal nature.


Contribution to the progress and wellbeing of the most vulnerable groups through access to financial services, social initiatives and an active housing policy.



Extensive reach

Social Bond

Social initiatives


Active housing
- Microcredits for families
- Eco-loans to the farming sector
- Decentralised Welfare Projects
- Ningún niño sin bigote (A milk moustache for every kid)
- SegurCaixa Adeslas
- Health and wellbeing microcredits
- Collaboration with GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance through
“la Caixa”
- Healthy team
- Financial Culture Plan
- Aula Programme
- Chairs*
- CaixaBank Research
- CaixaBank Futuro
- Microcredits
- Decentralised Welfare Projects
- Active housing policy
- Financial Culture Plan

Driving economic activity by promoting investment in innovation, entrepreneurship and the growth of microenterprises and SMEs.


Financing for
companies and the

Microcredits for
and businesses

Social bond

Investment in R&D

Job creation
- Equality Plan
- Wengage Programme
- Adherence to the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles
- IWEC Awards
- Microsoft STEM studies alliance
- Support to the leading women's associations**
- Support for start-ups (Day One)
- Financing for companies with a social impact
- Investment in R&D
- Information security
- Digitalisation plan
- Extensive reach
- Active housing policy
- Adherence to IESE Smart Cities
- Adherence to UNWTO***

Implementation of a socially responsible banking model based on sustainable and efficient management of natural resources.


Financing based
on ESG criteria

Responsible policies

CSR governance

Adherence to the
UNEP FI**** Principles
for Responsible Banking

VidaCaixa and
AM adherence
to the PRI*****

Verified reporting
- AgroBank
- Issuance framework for sustainable, green and social bonds
- Renewable energy financing
- Adherence to RE100
- Reduction in energy consumption
- Consumption of renewable energy of guaranteed origin
- GECV members
- Equator Principles
- Use of renewable energy
- Offsetting CO2
- Renewable energy financing
- AgroBank
- Issuance framework for sustainable, green and social bonds
- Code of ethics
- Responsible policies
- Information security
- Adherence to Autocontrol

Contribution to all SDGs through proprietary programmes and partnerships


Alliances directly
associated with
the SDGs******
The leading foundation in Spain and one of the biggest in the world. Strategic alliance to raise the profile of projects and actively engage in core programmes such as Incorpora, GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance and the “la Caixa” Associations of Volunteers
Body responsible for promoting the 10 United Nations Principles. Presidency of the Spanish Network of the United Nations Global Compact since 2012
ESADE Chair in Leadership and Democratic Governance Initiative in partnership with “la Caixa”

* CaixaBank Chair of CSR at IESE Business School, AgroBank Chair, “la Caixa” Chair of Economy and Society.
** Equality in the company, Diversity Charter, More women better companies, Eje&Con.
*** United Nations World Tourism Organisation.
****United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative.
***** UN Principles for Responsable Banking.
****** For more details see the Commitments section.